About Me

Hannah Victoriaa Raymond.
We all wear clothes at some point, and some of us take more joy from it than others. I take a lot of joy in clothes-from finding them, to buying them, to styling them. It's not the most intellectual of pleasures, but I thought I'd share it anyway. When I'm not standing awkwardly in front of a tripod, trying to do beautiful garments justice (and basically failing, but I find joy in that too) I tend to be curled up with delicious food (my other great love) a boxset, or online shopping sites, or more recently, a kindle. On the rare occassion I'm not being agoraphobic, I do enjoy a good run (to balance out the delicious food) and a good gig (so my ears can join in with my eyes and tastebuds at experiencing joy) and every so often a good tattoo (I cant pretend any senses enjoy that at the time, but its worth it at the end).

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