Wednesday, 25 April 2012

80. Skeletelepathic

Shorts-Asos, Top-H&M (oooold), Denim Jacket-Levi's, Shoes-Rocket Dog, Hat-H&M

How brilliant are these shorts? Got them a while ago, but they're still available here.
I wish I had layers and layers of necklaces to wear with this outfit-but I am sadly lacking in jewellery at the moment, so you'll just have to squint and pretend there's some there.

P.S. Is anyone else as messy as me?

Now listen to my new favourite band

79. Style Crush-Courtin-Clarins Sisters

Virginie and Claire Courtins-Clarins. Not only are they part of THE Clarins legend, impossibly tall, lithe and entirely beautiful. THEY ALSO GOTS STYLE YO! I love their edgy but expensive look. Special mention to Claire's incredible denim jacket, which I believe is Jack Greer for Opening Ceremony (correct me if I'm wrong?)
Wouldn't it make a great DIY project too though?
Now if anyone out there would like to be my stylish sister, preferably tall and brunette for resemblance purposes (and some dollah behind you wouldn't hurt as I have none), please apply in the comments below. Together we can walk about in complementary outfits, attending functions, getting photographed, and just generally have a hobby of being awesome together.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

78. Into The Wild

Dress-Topshop but from ebay, Hat-ebay, Leather Jacket-Vintage Renewal from Topshop, Necklace-redicovered this morning, but from Accessorize.

I've been wanting to combine the lace, leather and socks like this for ages, and it's just kept on raining each day. But today I got my chance when myself and Thomas sneaked out for a weekend woodland walk todays sans showers. IN YOUR FACE WEATHER SYSTEM. It was actually almost aaaaalmost sunny, and there was a whole ton of zingy coloured flora around to make it feel even nicer and brighter than ever (even thought the bluebells were droopy).

Despite a customer at my work questioning if my legs were good/slim enough to get away with skinny jeans, today has brought bacon sandwiches and chocolate spread on toast, and right now I'm being pestered to start on roast potato preparations. Sunday is so my favourite day right now.

I always re-read my blogposts and wonder why, despite posting up outfit photos, I probably spend more time discussing food and other non-fashion related business than the clothes on my back. Do any of my 12 readers mind?!

77. Molome #1

boy and bunny, need new tights, dexter and snacks night in, charity shop find, too many ebay packages, heavy hand ring selection, feast, showing off hair when bored at work, shaky drunk beverage photo, "dinner", bloody english weather, man v food recipe tried and tested!

Special mention to the last photo-like many people, myself and the boy are obsessed with Man Vs Food and decided to make one of the burgers featured. See a clip from the show, and the burger that inspired us, here.
Our version had 2 quarter pound burgers, 2 fried eggs, 2 bacon rashers, 3 cheese slices and mushrooms. All stacked up inside 2 cheese toasties rather than a burger bun. One each of course, though I declined a side of chips.

All photos taken on my blackberry and edited with molome. My username is hannahvictoriaa.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

76. DIY Dip Dye Hair!

So last week I came across this tumblr site (warning, you will gaze for hours) of beautiful locks and the old familiar urge to change my barnet overcame me. I saw lots of looks that I desired, in particular "mermaid" inspired purple and turquoise streaks or tips, and decided that I WANT I WANT I WANT. I did find a few tips on multi coloured dip dying, but not a whole load of step by step DIY's. I am well aware that this may be because its so blindingly obvious, and that there's probably a whole load on youtube, and perhaps I should've googled a bit better...but I took these photos whilst doing my hair, so you're just going to have to look at them, AWRITE!!?

 To begin. Take your boring old rubbish hair. SAY GOODBYE TO IT-"So long suckaaaa!"

Next: Gather your tools. If you are lucky enough to have blonde hair already, or you already have ombre, you can skip the bleach. I would also recommend having an old towel on the floor/all your precious surfaces, unless of course you are a reckless maverick like moi, and just DGAF!!!111!LOLZ!
I personally used La Riche Directions (from this seller) in Violet and Turquoise. You can use whatever your sweet ass desires, just make sure the colours are AWESOME enough. Please note however, that not all of those crazy colours out there come with gloves-I used the ones that came with the bleach-you could also use the tint brush that comes with the bleach if you believe you've rinsed it thoroughly enough, I had bought one from Boots that was a bit wider.

Mix up your bleach to the packet instructions, and of course after carrying out the required patch tests, and time tests, no distastrous reactions here please, and apply to the tips of your hair-I went up to just below my shoulder line and found it agreeable.

You'll want to keep checking on the colour of your hair even if you've done the tests beforehand, just to make sure. Get it to a palish blonde-the lighter it is, the brighter the dye will be. Of course if you're like me, and have layers of different dyes on your hair that not even Colour B4 can rid you of, I'd settle on getting your hair to a nice orangey colour and be glad it hasn't fallen out.

 For my dye, I needed my hair to be towel dry, yours may vary, DO WHAT THE INSTRUCTIONS TELL YOU FOOL.

Now the fun part. I mixed the turquoise dye (my higher up colour) with conditioner, as I wanted it to take on a lighter, more pastel type shade, than the bright BRIGHT colour it showed on the sample. I would say I used the same amount of conditioner as dye, so use what you think is right-the more dye you use, the darker and more intense it will show on your hair. Then you just-and I'm going to be very eloquent here-paint it on. Just literally, slap it on, maybe about a 2 inch section down into your bleached part. I noticed after I'd dried mine that I'd managed to miss a strand or ten, and personally didn't mind, but you might want to be more careful.

After leaving the required amount of time-half an hour for me-you rinse rinse rinse, and once again dry your hair to the level you need. Repeat, mine was towel dried, damp but not dripping. (OOER *snigger*).

Next you'll need to mix up your second colour in the same way as before. Here you can see the conditioner to dye proportion I used. A blob of this, and a blob of that. I think this is the advantage of the Directions dye-it comes in a resealable tub, so I've got loads left for touchups.

 Repeat the painting on process, it should be a little easier doing the tips, as you can see where you've gone before. Just try not to cross over the 2 colours too much. A little merging is fine, good even, but you don't want to just mix 'em up, and get a murky cover up. So yes, once coated, leave for the time needed, and rinse out.

Et Voila! You can see where I've still got blondey bits showing, which I am quite partial to, but it would be easy to go over again in a few days time with my abundance of dye left.

 Styled up a bit more....oooh, perdy.

BBFIKSBGIOW posey face.

SO THERE YOU GO. Read it and try it. Or you could try the slightly more temporary look using chalk pastels, a la Lauren Conrad. But I didn't read about that til after I'd done mine. But if you're a committed fearless hair warrior a la Hannah Victoria Raymond (aka me) choose my method instead!

75. White Rabbit

Vest-The Orphans's Arms, Leggings-ebay, Hat-ebay, Shoes-Converse, Rings-Topshop/ Gifts.

Yesterday I broke a cardinal rule-leggings as trousers. I think it's ok though, if they're thick patterned leggings or velvet style ones like these, and if the top is long enough to cover your buttocks. I got these leggings from this ebay seller and whilst my legs are not quite as wonderfully slim as those of the model, I can't help but want EVERY. SINGLE. COLOUR. I also want more vests..well no, more everything ever, from The Orphan's Arms. My current tally is just 2 vests, but I love the length and awesome prints on both of them, and basically require more to help me survive this crazy life.

Monday, 16 April 2012

74. Nightrain

 Everything you see me wearing is off good old ebay. Including the hair dye.

So after drooling over this tumblr site and all its pretty hair pictures I decided I needed some dip dye action back in my life. I shall probably do some from of step-by-step post in the next few days. Onto the outfit! Both the top and the skirt were purchased on a recent major ebay splurge. The skirt can be found here, and the tee can be found here. Bargainous eh?! A pink flowy skirt isn't necessarily "me" but as Jen recently posted, its good to take a sartorial step outside your comfort zone. I think it's made more my own though with the boots that do not leave my feet, and a good old fashioned band tee.

Friday, 13 April 2012

73. I Don't Like Cricket


Debuting my old man cricket jumper. I've wanted one ever since seeing Diana Vickers wearing one on X Factor, what must now be yeeeeears ago, and have had similar saved in my ebay watch list for a while. So imagine my delight at finding this pristine condition one for £6.50 in Cancer Research!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

72. Woah Young Filly

Is it warm? Is it cold? I have no idea. Which is why I wear a wooly hats and hoodies with shorts and crop tops these days. Did anyone else get the animal print crops from H&M last year? They did a bunny one too. I remember buying the horse one, and liking it very much, til I saw an 8 year old wearing the same one the next day. However I no longer care, so back out it comes.

After previously complaining about my lack of an iphone/instagram, I was swiftly directed to by my beautiful bezza,which is a very similar thing for all the wonderful blackberry users out there. Needless to say, I AM HOOKED. If anyone else has it, my username is hannahvictoriaa, so find me here!

Currently doing the good girlfriend bit, and have had a turkey casserole simmering away for the last couple of hours, and then we should be going to see Wrath of the Titans at the cinema tonight. I've been promised hot man flesh to look at during the if there's not, there will be wrath from me also. (GEDDIT?!)