Thursday, 23 February 2012

60. Dandy Candy

This is how I'm currently styling my DIY shorts, which I have also now added studs to in the shape of (slightly wonky) crosses. I bought the studs on ebay-advice; if you do this, make sure you buy enough! I got a pack of 20 thinking that would be more than enough, but I used every single one, with none to spare-lucky I wasn't planning on a bigger design! I am in love with these shorts, if I do say so myself, and I'm looking forward to the summer months when I can wear them with only one layer on top, and possibly a bare leg if I am brave enough!

The boots I am wearing are the very same that I blogged about way back in October, from River Island. They never did go in the sale for me. They're actually about a half size too small for me, but it was the only size left, so I am determined they will stretch out...please say they will? I NEED THEM TOO! Unless by some perfect miracle someone out there has a size 7 and would prefer a 6...? No? Damn.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

59. Cosy Cabaret

Jumper-Topshop (sale), Sequin hotpants-Miss Selfridge, Wedges-Office (sale)

This is how I like to dress to slob around the house whilst pretending I have the ability to do anything with a musical instrument other than stare at it in a confused fearful way. And yes, that is my face with my glasses on, isn't it divine? I wish I wasn't so grossed out by the idea of contact lenses/paying for contact lenses.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

58. These Grey Days-first beach visit of 2012

Today Thomas and I had the perfect Sunday, which may or may not have included cheese for breakfast. We took ourselves and a thermos flask of hot chocolate to Witterings and had an appetite building walk along the beach. I was wearing more layers than in those photos (a lot more layers) I was merely being vain and wanting to show off my new Topshop tunic. I saw this in their Spring Summer campaign ads and immediately hunted it out. I'm hoping its going to come out in a whole range of colours so that I can get every single one.
I have included that oh so attractive mugshot close up too, as despite the er...excitable look on my face, I am rather impressed with the new Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation I used for the first time today, and I think could be my favourite new product of the year so far. My skin is usually a bit sallow, and a bit uneven, but I think this foundation is actually doing what it says on the tin!
After this beach visit, we went into town and dined/made ourselves fat on a massive Sunday carvery dinner-I had beef AND turkey, and Tom had second helpings of just about everything. Now about to finish off the day with a pile of chocolate bars and the third season of Buffy on DVD.

Perhaps I should turn this blog into a food blog. Eating occupies my brain about 70% of the time.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

57. DIY Dip Dye Job is Delicious

1. Take some old jeans. Or in my case, new jeans that I got staff discount on.

 2.Move your bunny and your snacks out of harms way.

 3. Cut into shorts. I favour just going "errr...THERE" then snipping in what I hope is a straightish line on one leg, then fold them in half and use the first leg as a guideline for the second.You can be more exact if you want, but the hems are going to curl and fray anyway, so precision is not essential.

 4. Gather your ingredients! I'm using Dylon machine wash dye in powder pink (RRP is £6 I believe, but you can get cheaper on ebay), Dylon hand wash dye in french lavendar (£3), salt (do not forget this!), and I also purchased some fabric paint though I did not use it on this occasion.

 5. First you need to wash your shorts, then when they are still damp, you put the dye powder, the salt, and then the shorts in the machine, and run a 40 degree cotton cycle and then you wait. My machine takes bloody ages, but I did oooooh and aaaaaahhhh at the pretty colour.

6. If you were just dying your shorts the one colour, you would then rinse them in another cotton cycle. However as I wish for more, I did not rinse yet. Instead, I filled the sink with 6 litres of water, 5 tablespoons of salt, and the hand wash dye which was mixed up in a half litre jug of warm water. I then stuck the top half of the shorts in the purpley murky mixture and proceeded to get arm ache as I stirred it all up for 15 minutes.

7. Then you can leave them dunked in there for 45 minutes going back every few mins for a quick stir and to check that only the parts of the fabric you want to dye are submerged.

 10. After the time was up, I gave them a quick rinse in cold water, before chucking them in the machine with some detergent on another 40 degree cotton cycle.

 11. After that I tumble dried them. I don't think you're meant to, but it was half 11 pm by this point and I wanted quick results.

12. VOILA!!! Beautiful ombre style denim cut offs that are obviously waaaaayyy better than the ones popping up on the highstreet because they are fabulous DIY.

I've also ordered some studs off ebay to customise these further, or perhaps the next pair!

Good To Know
  • Mine were obviously on white, so the colour came out really well. You can buy pre-lightener to use first, but the colour of the original fabric will affect the final result. Normal colour rules apply too-red dye on blue fabrics will have a more purpley result and a more orangey result on yellow fabrics. Common sense really!
  • You need to use salt, just normal household salt (although you can get the Dylon salt, which is 500g-the exact amount you need with the machine wash box) to help the dye be absorbed into the fabric properly.
  • Only the actual denim will get dyed, not usually the thread on the seams, pockets etc. I personally think this is a much nicer effect, but something to keep in mind!

Monday, 6 February 2012

56. Surprises and Snow

It was my Auntie's surprise birthday party on Saturday night, up in Bromley in Kent. Me, Tom, my mum and my stepdad travelled up in the day and went for lunch and checked into our B&B, which was luckily only a 2 minute walk from the hall, as whilst we were getting ready, it started to snow and settled pretty quickly! The owner of the bed&breakfast seemed very concerned about me walking in the snow in my high heeled boots, and offered to bring me wellies in the middle of the night. She did not seem amused when I told her I had plenty of men on hand to carry me, nor understand my reasoning that as my boots were big fat wedges, they would actually help me wade through. Oh well. They were indeed absolutely and completely comfortable, walking through the snow in the dark at 1am after several gallons of wine, so win win for high heels and alcohol. The spotty nail wraps were from a glossybox and the rings were from Topshop. The dress I wore I snapped up for £30 in the asos sale the other week, and I recieved a fair few compliments on it, despite it probably being a bit too dressy for the occassion. I also had numerous relatives and family friends trotting over to inform me that I was tall whilst they looked me up and down, no doubt crying "GODZILLAAAAAA" in their heads.
All in all it was a fun weekend, and my auntie loved it, after having genuinely no idea that it had been planned for months and months, and that over 70 of her friends and family were in on the secret, some even flying in from Ireland for that one night!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

55. It's A New Dawn, It's A New Day..


Was going through some stuff today to sell on ebay, and found this dress that I've never worn, that I got from yonks and yonks ago. Not sure whether to part with it or not! As I say, I've never worn it, it's like a gold glitter knit fabric, and I've lost weight since I got it, hence why it now hangs a bit...but there's just something about it that I can't let go of! What do you think? Bite the bullet and wave bye bye? Or store away for a rainy day (/blog photos)?