Thursday, 28 June 2012

98. Molome #3

Picnic Leg Sunning, Beach Boy, Beach Me, Embarrassing Result Of Beach, Hilarious Tattoo Face, Sleepy Bunny, New Glasses, DIY Pillowcases What I Made, Mentally Massive Spider (with 5p for scale, WOAH), Over Half A Kilo Of Anniversary Gift Choclitt, Anniversary Flowers <3, Nutritious Breakfast.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

97. Butterflies and Missing Doll Eyes

All taken at Earnley Butterflies, Birds and Beasts. Upon myself I wear a River Island Blazer, Beyond Retro Rob Zombie tee, Topshop Dress and ebay Creepers.

Sunday was mine and Thomas' third anniversary. We celebrated with a cooked breakfast and a trip to the local butterfly gardens. I was beyond ecstatic when a HUGE butterfly "landed" on me (ok, I put my finger under it til it reluctantly climbed on) and barely stopped myself from joining in with the toddlers running around shrieking "I WAAAANNA CAAATCH ONE". Its not a sartorial coincidence that my blazer resembles a colourful plant either. It shames me to admit I wore it on purpose, hoping it would tempt the butterflies to flock to me. It kind of worked I guess.

The most pleasant surprise of the day was the randomly placed memoribilia museum that was also on the grounds, holding various items from the twentieth century that people would presumably love to look fondly back on. Like mint condition dolls. With no eyes. Or clothes. Not creepy at all....

The thing I can avoid no longer though, HOW EFFING COOL IS MY T-SHIRT? Found it on Beyond Retro whilst searching for birthday presents for the boy. I heart Rob Zombie and I heart this tee.

We finished the day with pizza AND chinese. Ever so grand.

Anyone else get as excited about butterflies as me?

Monday, 18 June 2012

96. In With The Old...

I believe this spotty dotty floaty skirt from H&M holds the great honour of being the item to cling onto my wardrobe the longest. I distinctly remember buying it with birthday money aged 15, and feeling oh so chic when wearing it with a coral cami top (to match the big spots) and some horrific beige wedges on my first unsupervised shopping trip to Brighton with friends. There was a time aged 18/19-when I discovered binge drinking-that my body became too massive for it, but I just couldn't throw it out. Nearly 9 years on I am wearing it again-thankfully the beige wedges are long gone, ditto the teensy top. I can only wonder if in another 9 years, in my thirties if I will still be wearing it. And will look back on a grey loose knit and metallic plimsolls with utter bemusement/disgust.

What item have you had in your wardrobe the longest? Do you still wear it, or does it remain for purely sentimental value?

Friday, 15 June 2012

95. Specs, Skin and Sequins aka I'M BACK!

Everything in this picture is old and from Topshop. Except the brand spanking new specs!
I'm not even going to try and look back to see when it was I last posted. TOO LONG AGO. I'd love to explain my absence with a powerful life changing story. But er...I've just been working, working, working and occassionally doing the odd impression of The Human Centipede to break it up.

How'd you like the new spectacles though? I recently realised I was well overdue with my eye test when I found myself squinting at the tv, even though I had my glasses on. The eye test confirmed my vision has dwindled somewhat, so I treated my peepers to two, yes two (!) new pairs. The above round tortoiseshells, and some new black square ones by Gant, that are blacker and squarer than ever before. I heart them both, I really do.

Expect some kind of photo's only update, to better explain what I've been doing that deserved my time more than blogging, but I will bow out for now, and let you calm yourself down, instead of making you hyperventilate in excitement at this post.