Sunday, 29 January 2012

54. Marc Has My Heart

Coat-H&M, Tee-H&M, Skirt-Topshop, Tights-New Look, Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes-Marc by Marc Jacobs

After looking at all those pictures of Zooey Deschanel earlier for my previous post, I felt like dressing up a bit pretty, and apparently Marc Jacobs came to the rescue. Had these shoes for ages now-I managed to get them in a sale at a little independent shop in my city, just before it closed down. My boyfriend likes them because he thinks the girl on them looks like me. I am occasionally more smiley than that, but only occassionally.

I am currently refusing to believe the rumours of snow and am instead willing Spring to rear its head. The only good  thing about the snow is that a I have a legitimate reason to wear my Hunter wellies, but the novelty does wear off after about 30 seconds of terror-gripped walking stiff-legged balancing the way to work.

What do you think of snow? Are you still shrieking happily at the sight of it and snowman-building within seconds? Or are you terrified of falling on your arse like me?

Happy Sunday!

53. Sunday Style Crush-Zooey Deschanel

All images found on the ever complicit google

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but after finding Ms. Deschanel occupying my thoughts more than usual lately, due to my utter delight at her new series "New Girl" and my continued spewing of quotes from it to people who have not actually seen the show, I thought it wise to dedicate a blog post to her. I bet she feels very honoured. Now I have to admit, when my girl crush on her started, I didn't have a clue who she was. I was in California for a while when I was 18/19 and I bought my very first copy of Nylon magazine. And it was Zooey's face that was on the front cover. This was when I was fresh off an art course and was still in the habit of cutting "inspiration" from magazines. That copy of Nylon got obliterated by my scissors. (RIP).
Fast forward some years, and I, like the rest of the world fell in love with the film (500) Days of Summer. I have the DVD and the soundtrack, and have been known to watch the film, then when the credits it again straight away, no doubt infuriating the boytoy.
ANYWAY, enough about my general love for her, lets get to the nitty-gritty of what makes us all idolise her so, apart from the mesmorizing combo of all that mass of dark hair and those giant blue eyes (what I wouldn't give....) THE WOMAN'S GOT A MAGNIFICENT MAGNIFICENT DRESS COLLECTION. most of them play along the same shapes, skater style-nipped in at the waist, flaring out on the skirt, occasionally a skirt and top combo with the same silhouette, then a few sixties style shifts...but honestly, she has got dressing in a dress down to an art. Always pretty, always quirky. Also; she's in a band. Nuff said. GIRLCRUSHSIGH.

Please enjoy my Zooey Deschanel inspired polyvore set also.

Zooey D.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

52. Take Me Down

Blazer-Topshop, Bralet-Topshop, Jeans-Lee, Boots-PPQ at Office, Giant Knockers-La Senza

So I took these pictures about a week ago now, yet have been absent from all online goodness due to my poor laptop getting a virus called System Check. Hint; if your anti-virus repeatedly tells you there's a threat on a page, don't just go "Oh fuck off" and click Ignore. Its knows what it's talking about. So my laptop got left at a local computer repair shop for a week whilst they fixed it. I think I could've got it sorted quicker, but it would have cost more. And after the Mulberry splurge, I'm not exactly knee deep in dollah. Not even ankle deep. Probably barely toe deep. Hurry Up Payday! Only about a week to go!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

51. Bonjour Lookbook!

Started a lookbook account today, using the very clothes that are on my back right now. Marvel at my plummy legs.

Had a pleasant day involving a bowl of chips and a bottle of Desperado at lunchtime, as well as acting as personal shopper to my mum, who tends to buy things a size too big for her for fear of showing off her non-existent "lumpy bits". Lovely Sunday, apart from when the rabbit growled at me for putting her back in her bed.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

50. Mulberry Tillie Tote! Ding Dong Indeed!

 Give us this day, our yearned for handbag...

 The most exciting moment of my life, as you can see...

 DING DONG INDEED! (topless boyfriend sorting the bin out in the background cropped out)

 Dustbag removal, bated breath...oh and apparently a bag for a bag is a hilarious concept according to topless boyfriend...

 Oh sweet surge of joy...!

 Clippety clip the extra strap...

 Who is that lucky lucky and oh so fashionable lady? OH YAH ITS ME.


 Is it weird that I want it to wear with age as quickly as possible?

 My sticker sheet! I got one with my phone case in August too, and I'm so pleased to have this new set!

 Oh, Mulberry! A card, for me? POUR MOI?!

 Oh do not worry your pretty little head, I will enjoy, OH HOW I WILL ENJOY!

Family reunion, I feel so sauve!

SO YES! Today was the day, and typically, my day off-and my package was delivered to my work. Not that I'm complaining, as it meant I walked back through town with my big ding-donging paper bag, trying my best not to shove it under strangers noses, before making eye contact and exclaiming "Oh, I'm sorry, I didnt see you there? Oh this? This? Its nothing, just my brand new handbag, nothing special!"

Sigh, ain't she purdy? I love the look of it (her?) and the feel, and the weightiness in my hand. And the smell too! My life is complete.

If you too wish to brighten your otherwise dreary meaningless life, the Tillie Tote in black can be found here reduced from £975 to £585, amongst other beautiful items.

Sidenote; did anyone else, as a child, think it was called a Ham-bag? I found the whole thing very strange for a long time, and just could not figure out what it had to do with any kind of luncheon meat.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

49. Not Everything Is Black And White

Blouse-Topshop, Skirt-H&M (very old), Belt-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Rocket Dog, Necklace-Dorothy Perkins (old)

Can't decide whether today is a good day or not. Didn't fall asleep til after 2am, which meant I slept in late too, til about 12ish. Which is a nice lay in, but makes me feel horrifically lazy and useless. I was going to go into town shoe shopping, (mega thumbs up) but I went online and stumbled across something I love very very much, IN THE SALE. Ye Mulberry Gods did answer me, and reduced the black leather Tillie Tote bag. (mega mega thumbs up). After much dithering and calculations, involving what I owe on my credit card and how much overtime and bonus I got after Christmas I went ahead and ordered it. I shall now not be going out for the next 2 months and living off bread and water. Which is fine, I love both. And I love the bag more.

However, my bank decided I couldn't afford this kind of thing, and therefore wouldn't be buying it, and I recieved an automated voicemail to check it was me doing the spending. Unfortunately I didn't hear my phone go off, as I was away taking these outfit photos (woe) and so my work got phoned too. And so did my parents. So the first I knew of it was my mum buzzing away on the doorbell, then storming in, and announcing dramatically "The fraud squad have phoned us, and your bank say someone has stolen your identity and they are spending all your money!" She could not be placated with a simple "I imagine its a routine check, and I just have to confirm a transaction, I've had to do it before." and was insistent that my card had been blocked because someone on ebay had stolen my card details. I've no idea where she got the ebay part from.
So a lovely day of sitting about with curly fries, the Lost series 2 boxset, and the buzz of buying a designer bag, has somehow felt completely exhausting. Only dreaming of getting my grubby mitts on my new bag can ease my soul.