Sunday, 29 January 2012

54. Marc Has My Heart

Coat-H&M, Tee-H&M, Skirt-Topshop, Tights-New Look, Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes-Marc by Marc Jacobs

After looking at all those pictures of Zooey Deschanel earlier for my previous post, I felt like dressing up a bit pretty, and apparently Marc Jacobs came to the rescue. Had these shoes for ages now-I managed to get them in a sale at a little independent shop in my city, just before it closed down. My boyfriend likes them because he thinks the girl on them looks like me. I am occasionally more smiley than that, but only occassionally.

I am currently refusing to believe the rumours of snow and am instead willing Spring to rear its head. The only good  thing about the snow is that a I have a legitimate reason to wear my Hunter wellies, but the novelty does wear off after about 30 seconds of terror-gripped walking stiff-legged balancing the way to work.

What do you think of snow? Are you still shrieking happily at the sight of it and snowman-building within seconds? Or are you terrified of falling on your arse like me?

Happy Sunday!


  1. So pretty!! That skirt is awesome!

    ox from NYC!

    1. That outfit is CHIIIIIIICCC! Love it!