Thursday, 24 November 2011

39. Portrait de LAPIN!!

Typical work outfit these days, though there were even more layers the last few days when the heating was broken! Nothing exciting I'm afraid, just standard wintery attire, as comfort and the desire for warmth overtakes my desire for looking nice-particularly when all I want to do in the morning when I'm missing my duvet is get some clothes on pronto.
I do reluctantly remove the mittens when I'm at work. They were £12 from Dorothy Perkins and the inside of them possibly makes them the softest item of clothing I have ever ever owned.
Hope you're enjoying the nice shot of my arse, I merely wanted to show off my new Lee skinny cords. The fit is called Scarlett if anyones interested, and they're a slightly higher rise jean, with very skinny legs. They also make me feel nice and model-esque as I have to get a 35 leg in them. I got them from work as a special one off order pour moi, so I'm not sure what they retail at, but from the cost price, I'm guessing at about the £75 to £80 mark. Pricey, but worth it, and they don't stretch out like mad like cheaper versions do.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY. Meet Betsey! Our new giant bunny baby. She's 11 weeks old tomorrow and is already practically the size of an average rabbit, ha. She's the cutest thing ever and watched Gossip Girl with me last night, so I know she has good taste!

Anyone else got a house bunny?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

38. Grey Britain

Shirt and Trousers-H&M, Shoes-Rocket Dog, Jacket-Topshop, Necklace-Topman

Some kind of ladylike, monochrome punk going on here! GOD I LOVE THESE SHOES.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

37. Swing Life Away

Apologies for the hideous lighting and setting.

So on Sunday, me and Thomas went to a Rise Against gig at Southampton Guildhall, the last date on their  tour. They were supported by Polar Bear Club who I hadn't heard much of before, but was super impressed by, even if it was mainly by the energy of the frontman who leapt about like a Swan Lake wannabe. Also appearing was Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine fame) who did things with a guitar I couldn't possibly imagine or describe, but it involved playing with his teeth (YES!) better than most people do with their hands. Rise Against were exactly how I imagined them to be live, and even though I'm not a super superfan like my boyfriend it, all my favourite songs were played, some lyrics got me thinking about tattoo ideas, and I got to have a bit of a jump around without getting crushed, so I was pretty pleased with my night!
It did get a bit hot and sweaty in the crowds in my fur gilet, but I would much rather that, than face the cold when queueing outside, and I think I made a decent enough outfit choice, comfort and stylewise. The army/military style shirt (complete with sewn on badges out of sight in this pic) was stolen from the boy, who in turn got it off ebay, and I'm definitely going to be stealing it again whenever he isn't looking.
Looking forward to tomorrow, meeting up with the bezza for a "Made In Chelsea" day, which will basically involve us looking round the shops as if we're rich, calling each other babe in every sentence, and drinking faux champagne in the daytime. Perfect babe.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

36. Knit on a Twit

Jumper-Forever21, Shorts-Cutoff Levis, Shoes-Office, Rings-Topshop

Roped my boyfriend into taking some outside shots of me before it turned to dark, as you can see, some came out better than others! I have asked for a tripod for Christmas! Day off today, so I was a very good girl and did washing, tidying (who knew my bedroom actually had a real life floor underneath all those clothes) and hoovering. Then I decided that enough was enough, and painted my nails, watched Made In Chelsea, and ate some cheese. Considering starting up a profile on lookbook, but I'm not obviously not in the same league as the beautys that grace it, they seem to have that extra somethin' somethin' I strive for! I did start up an asos fashion finder profile though as it was slightly less intimidating, and also because I'm an asos whore. My profile is here if you want a gander-

Currently waiting on a cup of tea (my third in the last 2 hours) and one of the oh-so-horrifically-bad-for-you pizza's strewn over the news a few days ago(article here!) to have whilst watching Due Date. LIFE IS AWESOME!

Monday, 7 November 2011

35. Where the Wild Things Are

Trousers and Top-H&M, Shawl -River Island

How fantastic is this shawl? It was £25 and this design is also available in a bluey kind of colour (look here) and other patterns as well. I wore it out on Saturday and I was worried it would keep slipping off throughout the night, and admittedly in a drunken haze I attempted to leave it behind a couple of times, but all in all, it stayed on good! How was everyone elses weekend? I spent mine drunk...and then awfully AWFULLY hungover. I am NEVER drinking again, my poor innards nor my dignity can take anymore.
The trousers are from H&M and are my version of leather look skinnies, as wherever I go and try on actual real versions, 10's cannot fathom my hips and 12's give me bucket-crotch look. Nice. They're actually slightly cropped, although they're perhaps more cropped than intended for my above-average height, but I think it looks quite cool and punky, espesh with my new Rocket Dog Lift-Off shoes! Which, by the by, although not in shot here, were very comfortable the entire night, thank goodness for platformed soles.

Friday, 4 November 2011

34. What would have been....!

Skirt-H&M, Gilet- Mango (old), Lace vest-Topshop (old), Necklace-Topman

Leather, lace, fur AND a crucifix? Too much? MAIS NON!?! Well. I never did make it out on Wednesday night so I shall not learn if it is all too much at once, but in my humble opinion, more is more is best.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

33. Leather Love

I dashed to Topshop today on a hunt for some faux leather trousers. I keep seeing them on lots of other people and love how they look, and I also feel they will look just great with the rocket dog shoes that are winging their way to me via royal mail right this second.
Sadly, neither of the 2 pairs I took into the changing room fit me. Both size 10, one with a more matte finish and one pair more shiny.

So yes, the zip would not budge on either of these bastards. As I was on my lunchbreak, I just grabbed the first pair I could in a 12 and took them to the till (via the jewellery section, goodies to be shown soon!) but I have just slipped them on at home...and they are giant! There are massive (literally, massive) crotch issues. So tomorrow I plan to return and be the weird person that takes all 4 pairs of size 10s into the changing room just to see if one comes up a little bit bigger. I hate life.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

32. To pass the time...

Currently sat at home whilst the boyfriend is in Portsmouth soundchecking at a gig he is playing. He has insisted that he has time to come and pick me up rather than me getting the train. I am not so sure. So here is a photo of my mama's dog that I took today. She's a wee devil but she has a funny face so I'll put up with her! Anyone up to much tonight?

31. Tries And Buys

Token bottle holding shot
So this was the shade of Leighton Denny polish I got in October's Glossybox, and oui, I like! If you ignore my horrific nail painting skills (I did these on my lunch break, not thinking about the eating and washing up and stock picking I was going to have to do immediately after), yes, if you ignore my skills (or lack of) I think you will agree what a lovely icy winter colour it is.
Its not a shade I would have chosen myself-I usually favour blacks, greys, navys and the occasional red (though perhaps I wouldve picked it out for the name; Sex Kitten) But everytime I catch a glimpse of my digits, I think "Ooh, what a great look." I think thats the best thing about glossybox and other similar schemes, trying things outside your usual safezone.
As for the actual application, the first coat seemed very transparent and I worried I was going to have to apply 20 coats to achieve the opaque look I favour, but I actually only needed two proper coats, plus a few touch ups (though thats more down to me missing bits.) I've also noticed that despite my rushed application, no top coat, and having to rip open cardboard boxes with my nails for the 2 days following, it hasn't chipped at all! I'm impressed! So all in all, A HIT!!

Yesterday I recieved most of my wages, and immediately came home to order these babies off Forever21

Aaaaand I also got these bad boys off of by Rocket Dog. They also came in leopard print (OOF!) but I told myself the black will be worn much more. Christmas list maybe?!