Tuesday, 15 November 2011

37. Swing Life Away

Apologies for the hideous lighting and setting.

So on Sunday, me and Thomas went to a Rise Against gig at Southampton Guildhall, the last date on their  tour. They were supported by Polar Bear Club who I hadn't heard much of before, but was super impressed by, even if it was mainly by the energy of the frontman who leapt about like a Swan Lake wannabe. Also appearing was Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine fame) who did things with a guitar I couldn't possibly imagine or describe, but it involved playing with his teeth (YES!) better than most people do with their hands. Rise Against were exactly how I imagined them to be live, and even though I'm not a super superfan like my boyfriend it, all my favourite songs were played, some lyrics got me thinking about tattoo ideas, and I got to have a bit of a jump around without getting crushed, so I was pretty pleased with my night!
It did get a bit hot and sweaty in the crowds in my fur gilet, but I would much rather that, than face the cold when queueing outside, and I think I made a decent enough outfit choice, comfort and stylewise. The army/military style shirt (complete with sewn on badges out of sight in this pic) was stolen from the boy, who in turn got it off ebay, and I'm definitely going to be stealing it again whenever he isn't looking.
Looking forward to tomorrow, meeting up with the bezza for a "Made In Chelsea" day, which will basically involve us looking round the shops as if we're rich, calling each other babe in every sentence, and drinking faux champagne in the daytime. Perfect babe.

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