Thursday, 3 November 2011

33. Leather Love

I dashed to Topshop today on a hunt for some faux leather trousers. I keep seeing them on lots of other people and love how they look, and I also feel they will look just great with the rocket dog shoes that are winging their way to me via royal mail right this second.
Sadly, neither of the 2 pairs I took into the changing room fit me. Both size 10, one with a more matte finish and one pair more shiny.

So yes, the zip would not budge on either of these bastards. As I was on my lunchbreak, I just grabbed the first pair I could in a 12 and took them to the till (via the jewellery section, goodies to be shown soon!) but I have just slipped them on at home...and they are giant! There are massive (literally, massive) crotch issues. So tomorrow I plan to return and be the weird person that takes all 4 pairs of size 10s into the changing room just to see if one comes up a little bit bigger. I hate life.

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