Tuesday, 20 September 2011

17. Then The Clouds Will Open For Me

Off to Antigua tomorrow with my best friend, so today was pack, pack, pack! Of course I had to try things on to cheer myself up and get in the holiday spirit after being a massive girl and weeping for ages when my boyfriend left for work, meaning I wont see him again now (staying at my friend's house tonight) for over a week. Hence face cropping in pictures, horrific puffy eyes. However, it wasn't the trying on that made me happiest, it was seeing all the pretty colourful clothes rolled up nicely in my suitcase! Along with some guilty pleasure reading material!

Had a bit of a panic attack when I weighed my suitcase to check it fit with the 23kg regulation and it said 33kg, then tried again and it said 153kg. Of course it didn't. I then got my glasses and realised that the first time I hadn't put it on right and it had said 3.3 and the second time, gave the actual correct weight of 15.3kg. Sweet baby Jesus.

Anyway, unless I attempt a scheduled post, that's it from me for about a week. Bye! Or as they say in the Carribean...Bye!

Monday, 19 September 2011

16. Work and Play

Shirt, Top and Skirt-all H&M
Shorts-Cut off Levi's
Boots-Topshop (last year)

Shirt and shorts for day, followed by vampy (trampy?) skirt and killer heels for night made for a very swift outfit change for me on Saturday night, even if hardcore rain did put a literal dampener on my weekend spirit!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

15. Sunday Style Crush-The Veronicas

Jess and Lisa Origliasso aka The Veronicas. PHWOAR. Pretty little dresses on pretty little ladies, who always manage to look a bit sexy no matter what they wear. I suspect this has something to do with the fact they are twins. I like that their outfits always seem to complement each other nicely even though I guess it must take a fair bit of planning. If I had to pick a favourite, after screwing up my face and going "eerrrrrrrrmmm" for a while, I would pick Jess, if only for her foray into blonde hair that time, and also because I like a tattoo on a girly lookin' girl.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

14. Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Dress (skirt)-Charity Shop
Belt-New Look
Bit of a bargain outfit going on here, the jacket was given to me, the dress (actually a beautiful old lady skirt, fully lined and all) was £6.99 from a charity shop, the belt was £4.99 for two (one black, one tan) and the boots were an Amazon under twenty quid find years ago when the military boot trend had only just begun.
Anyway, I dont usually wear much yellow, but this sang to me from the window of Barnardos a couple of weeks ago, and it certainly brightens my winter wardrobe. As did the price. Barnados is apparently my favourite shop, as I went back in there today and got myself a new book-"Last Night at Chateau Marmont" by Lauren Weisberger (of Devil Wears Prada noteriety) and this charming, vintagey looking tooled bag in chocolate brown. Love the twisted metal fasten.

It can only be carried by the top handle, but I think it will be perfect to carry if I'm going out for drinks or something. Aka this Saturday I shall use it. It looks a bit moc croc in that picture, but its actually a floral design.

Today I also got my last few bits for holiday-travel size shampoos etc, the Garnier B.B cream miracle worker thingy, recommended by a friend, and after watching an old episode of 10 Years Younger in bed this morning, I was frightened into buying my very first anti-aging product, also by Garnier. I'm 23 now after all, I'm hoping to get Botox  for my 30th birthday, not my 25th.

OH! I also subscribed to Glossybox, where you recieve a lovely little package each month containing 5 samples of high-end cosmetics for £10 plus p+p. I've only read good things about it so far, but its handy that you can unsubscribe whenever you want if its not your thing/you have an angry credit card bill that needs every last penny.

Anyway, there is a chocolate muffin calling out to me now, and a borrowed DVD of Dirty Dancing to watch (apparently its a crime I haven't seen it before). Enjoy your day and scour a charity shop!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

13. Sunday Style Crush-Taylor Momsen

All images just found on google

Ahh Taylor Momsen. 90% love, 10% cringe. But with my desire for leather and naughtiness at the moment (still need to get the next size in that skirt) I couldn't not include my beloved Momsen (read: anyone in Gossip Girl is my beloved, CANNOT WAIT for season 5)
Leather, lipstick, underwear as outerwear, eyeliner, more eyeliner, occasional plaid, but always always verging on S&M scary sexy boots or shoes and topped off with that oh-so-blonde mane. Whats not to love? Ok, perhaps all of that, but aside from the occasional suspender too far, and how sometimes her hair is just TOO long (imagine the split ends, even on the extensions) when her look just becomes too "Walk of Shame" ish, I honestly think she carries it off well and as suggested by her being on my style crush section, I totally lust her look. And I know my boyfriend does too-I distinctly remember telling him when she had turned 18, so it was officially ok to fancy the girl that was once Cindy Lou Who.
Congrats Little J, you're totes hot.

Friday, 9 September 2011

12. Leather vs Leopard

Shirt and both skirts-H&M

So tomorrow I'm off to Stoke on Trent (ohhh 4 hour drive) to see one of my boyfriends bands playing in a kind of day festival for charity. In the week I bought these 2 skirts and the shirt (sheerness and tie-up detail-yes, yes, yes!) with the idea of wearing the leather look one for the gig. Sadly, my size was not available and I kidded myself that as the smaller size zipped up (ahhh, stretch fabric, flattering friend or deceitful foe!?) that it was absolutely fine. However, after looking at these photos, despite spending the last 2 days on a liquid only diet in an ill-fated attempt to quickly slim my stomach and hips, I can see that the skirt is stupidly tight. And also I'm really really hungry.
I think tomorrow I'll just wear the leopard, whilst dreaming about the leather (which I prefer of course) then take a trip back to H&M next week hoping they have my size in to swap. Then I'll eat a burger.
Anyway, must dash, long journey tomorrow requires being ready for getting picked up 6 am. SIX AM!! Shit me.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

11. Summer Shudder

Jacket-Ancient Levi's
Crochet Waistcoat-New Look
Shorts-New Look
Transitional dressing equals layer, layer, layer. Crochet and pale denim both scream spring/summer to me but together they helped me combat that crispy September air! Crochet is technically knitwear right!? This is also my vague attempt at a slightly looser "just thrown on" kind of look, of course topped off by the trusty Converse. I'd wanted to wear lo-tops, but they are hiding under one of the many piles of clothes and crap about the flat, so I folded down my hi-tops instead.
Today was my day off, thank God, thank Buddah, thank everyone. I celebrated by spending my last birthday gift card (New Look this time) on a set of 2 waist belts, a snood (hello winter!) and thiiick tights-which I was in dire need of. The pair I'm wearing now are my last in tact pair. When I say in tact, I mean of course that the holes and ladders are all on the feet of them, therefore hidden from view. What a pro.
After New Look I then made the massive mistake of going next door into H&M. All I wanted was a stripy jumper I'd seen previously, that was ridiculously cheap, like £7.99 or something? Of course I came out with 4 other items, not one of them being the cheapo jumper. They are all blog worthy though, so shall be featured in a later post.
I've also sorted my holiday insurance (Antigua, 2 weeks today!) so my mind is at ease over that at the very least. Oh, one other good thing today-bought a couple of birthday cards in M&S and got given some kind of loyalty card stamp scheme? Basically everytime you buy a card from them, you get a stamp, then when you've recieved six stamps, the next card you get is free. Wondrous! And with the £1 cards they do in there, cheapness too!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

10. Sunday Style Crush-Abbey Lee Kershaw

Oh Abbey Lee Kershaw! So fragile looking, but such strong clothes! I think part of my attraction to her style (aside from the fact she's gorgeous, even if she looks about 14) is how there's often a masculine element to her otherwise bohemian look, whether its a stompy clompy boot or a loose tapered trouser. Its either that or her excellent collection of outrageous jackets! Anyway short post today as hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go! (Hello overtime pay!) Thanks for looking!

Friday, 2 September 2011

9. Ordinary Day

Tomorrows Work Outfit Plan
Jeans-Molly Skinny Fit by Wrangler
Crooked Melancholy Posture-My Own

So this jumper was my first knitwear purchase of the season. Oh my goodness it feels so good to buy knitwear even if it is super thin. There was only a size up from my usual size left, but oversized always works for jumpers doesn't it? I tried on a couple others, including this chunky navy knit which I loved but felt was a bit short. I may well go back for it at some point but since the grey was just £24 and I had another gift voucher for £25 it was a case of ding! ding! ding! we have a winner in the changing room. I also snapped up a couple of Topman necklaces for just a pound each(A POUND!) inspired by llymlrs and her Topman jewellery. I put the jumper on as soon as I got home, and shall be wearing it to work tomorrow (though perhaps with a top underneath, bra glimpses may set the customers off). I also made my first charity shop clothing purchase in a while, which I will share in a later post I am sure.

I also just found out that channel 5 have an online catch up service and have been recommended The Bachelor to enjoy so I'm off for my fix off trash TV, accompanied by vino and cheesy beany jacket potato. Classy.