Wednesday, 7 September 2011

11. Summer Shudder

Jacket-Ancient Levi's
Crochet Waistcoat-New Look
Shorts-New Look
Transitional dressing equals layer, layer, layer. Crochet and pale denim both scream spring/summer to me but together they helped me combat that crispy September air! Crochet is technically knitwear right!? This is also my vague attempt at a slightly looser "just thrown on" kind of look, of course topped off by the trusty Converse. I'd wanted to wear lo-tops, but they are hiding under one of the many piles of clothes and crap about the flat, so I folded down my hi-tops instead.
Today was my day off, thank God, thank Buddah, thank everyone. I celebrated by spending my last birthday gift card (New Look this time) on a set of 2 waist belts, a snood (hello winter!) and thiiick tights-which I was in dire need of. The pair I'm wearing now are my last in tact pair. When I say in tact, I mean of course that the holes and ladders are all on the feet of them, therefore hidden from view. What a pro.
After New Look I then made the massive mistake of going next door into H&M. All I wanted was a stripy jumper I'd seen previously, that was ridiculously cheap, like £7.99 or something? Of course I came out with 4 other items, not one of them being the cheapo jumper. They are all blog worthy though, so shall be featured in a later post.
I've also sorted my holiday insurance (Antigua, 2 weeks today!) so my mind is at ease over that at the very least. Oh, one other good thing today-bought a couple of birthday cards in M&S and got given some kind of loyalty card stamp scheme? Basically everytime you buy a card from them, you get a stamp, then when you've recieved six stamps, the next card you get is free. Wondrous! And with the £1 cards they do in there, cheapness too!

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