Friday, 2 September 2011

9. Ordinary Day

Tomorrows Work Outfit Plan
Jeans-Molly Skinny Fit by Wrangler
Crooked Melancholy Posture-My Own

So this jumper was my first knitwear purchase of the season. Oh my goodness it feels so good to buy knitwear even if it is super thin. There was only a size up from my usual size left, but oversized always works for jumpers doesn't it? I tried on a couple others, including this chunky navy knit which I loved but felt was a bit short. I may well go back for it at some point but since the grey was just £24 and I had another gift voucher for £25 it was a case of ding! ding! ding! we have a winner in the changing room. I also snapped up a couple of Topman necklaces for just a pound each(A POUND!) inspired by llymlrs and her Topman jewellery. I put the jumper on as soon as I got home, and shall be wearing it to work tomorrow (though perhaps with a top underneath, bra glimpses may set the customers off). I also made my first charity shop clothing purchase in a while, which I will share in a later post I am sure.

I also just found out that channel 5 have an online catch up service and have been recommended The Bachelor to enjoy so I'm off for my fix off trash TV, accompanied by vino and cheesy beany jacket potato. Classy.


  1. wowow LOVE your hair - its awesome.

    Helen, x

  2. Luckily my camera isn't good enough to pick up the split ends! Thank you! x