Tuesday, 20 September 2011

17. Then The Clouds Will Open For Me

Off to Antigua tomorrow with my best friend, so today was pack, pack, pack! Of course I had to try things on to cheer myself up and get in the holiday spirit after being a massive girl and weeping for ages when my boyfriend left for work, meaning I wont see him again now (staying at my friend's house tonight) for over a week. Hence face cropping in pictures, horrific puffy eyes. However, it wasn't the trying on that made me happiest, it was seeing all the pretty colourful clothes rolled up nicely in my suitcase! Along with some guilty pleasure reading material!

Had a bit of a panic attack when I weighed my suitcase to check it fit with the 23kg regulation and it said 33kg, then tried again and it said 153kg. Of course it didn't. I then got my glasses and realised that the first time I hadn't put it on right and it had said 3.3 and the second time, gave the actual correct weight of 15.3kg. Sweet baby Jesus.

Anyway, unless I attempt a scheduled post, that's it from me for about a week. Bye! Or as they say in the Carribean...Bye!

1 comment:

  1. I thinks that you took a lot of clothes in your luggage. It's really so much that's why it goes up to 33 kg of weight.
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