Wednesday, 14 September 2011

14. Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Dress (skirt)-Charity Shop
Belt-New Look
Bit of a bargain outfit going on here, the jacket was given to me, the dress (actually a beautiful old lady skirt, fully lined and all) was £6.99 from a charity shop, the belt was £4.99 for two (one black, one tan) and the boots were an Amazon under twenty quid find years ago when the military boot trend had only just begun.
Anyway, I dont usually wear much yellow, but this sang to me from the window of Barnardos a couple of weeks ago, and it certainly brightens my winter wardrobe. As did the price. Barnados is apparently my favourite shop, as I went back in there today and got myself a new book-"Last Night at Chateau Marmont" by Lauren Weisberger (of Devil Wears Prada noteriety) and this charming, vintagey looking tooled bag in chocolate brown. Love the twisted metal fasten.

It can only be carried by the top handle, but I think it will be perfect to carry if I'm going out for drinks or something. Aka this Saturday I shall use it. It looks a bit moc croc in that picture, but its actually a floral design.

Today I also got my last few bits for holiday-travel size shampoos etc, the Garnier B.B cream miracle worker thingy, recommended by a friend, and after watching an old episode of 10 Years Younger in bed this morning, I was frightened into buying my very first anti-aging product, also by Garnier. I'm 23 now after all, I'm hoping to get Botox  for my 30th birthday, not my 25th.

OH! I also subscribed to Glossybox, where you recieve a lovely little package each month containing 5 samples of high-end cosmetics for £10 plus p+p. I've only read good things about it so far, but its handy that you can unsubscribe whenever you want if its not your thing/you have an angry credit card bill that needs every last penny.

Anyway, there is a chocolate muffin calling out to me now, and a borrowed DVD of Dirty Dancing to watch (apparently its a crime I haven't seen it before). Enjoy your day and scour a charity shop!

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