Friday, 9 September 2011

12. Leather vs Leopard

Shirt and both skirts-H&M

So tomorrow I'm off to Stoke on Trent (ohhh 4 hour drive) to see one of my boyfriends bands playing in a kind of day festival for charity. In the week I bought these 2 skirts and the shirt (sheerness and tie-up detail-yes, yes, yes!) with the idea of wearing the leather look one for the gig. Sadly, my size was not available and I kidded myself that as the smaller size zipped up (ahhh, stretch fabric, flattering friend or deceitful foe!?) that it was absolutely fine. However, after looking at these photos, despite spending the last 2 days on a liquid only diet in an ill-fated attempt to quickly slim my stomach and hips, I can see that the skirt is stupidly tight. And also I'm really really hungry.
I think tomorrow I'll just wear the leopard, whilst dreaming about the leather (which I prefer of course) then take a trip back to H&M next week hoping they have my size in to swap. Then I'll eat a burger.
Anyway, must dash, long journey tomorrow requires being ready for getting picked up 6 am. SIX AM!! Shit me.

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