Thursday, 23 February 2012

60. Dandy Candy

This is how I'm currently styling my DIY shorts, which I have also now added studs to in the shape of (slightly wonky) crosses. I bought the studs on ebay-advice; if you do this, make sure you buy enough! I got a pack of 20 thinking that would be more than enough, but I used every single one, with none to spare-lucky I wasn't planning on a bigger design! I am in love with these shorts, if I do say so myself, and I'm looking forward to the summer months when I can wear them with only one layer on top, and possibly a bare leg if I am brave enough!

The boots I am wearing are the very same that I blogged about way back in October, from River Island. They never did go in the sale for me. They're actually about a half size too small for me, but it was the only size left, so I am determined they will stretch out...please say they will? I NEED THEM TOO! Unless by some perfect miracle someone out there has a size 7 and would prefer a 6...? No? Damn.


  1. I LOVE these shorts, the colour is gorgeous


  2. Love the shorts, they look fab xx