Monday, 6 February 2012

56. Surprises and Snow

It was my Auntie's surprise birthday party on Saturday night, up in Bromley in Kent. Me, Tom, my mum and my stepdad travelled up in the day and went for lunch and checked into our B&B, which was luckily only a 2 minute walk from the hall, as whilst we were getting ready, it started to snow and settled pretty quickly! The owner of the bed&breakfast seemed very concerned about me walking in the snow in my high heeled boots, and offered to bring me wellies in the middle of the night. She did not seem amused when I told her I had plenty of men on hand to carry me, nor understand my reasoning that as my boots were big fat wedges, they would actually help me wade through. Oh well. They were indeed absolutely and completely comfortable, walking through the snow in the dark at 1am after several gallons of wine, so win win for high heels and alcohol. The spotty nail wraps were from a glossybox and the rings were from Topshop. The dress I wore I snapped up for £30 in the asos sale the other week, and I recieved a fair few compliments on it, despite it probably being a bit too dressy for the occassion. I also had numerous relatives and family friends trotting over to inform me that I was tall whilst they looked me up and down, no doubt crying "GODZILLAAAAAA" in their heads.
All in all it was a fun weekend, and my auntie loved it, after having genuinely no idea that it had been planned for months and months, and that over 70 of her friends and family were in on the secret, some even flying in from Ireland for that one night!