Friday, 25 May 2012

94. Zombre

Denim Bleach Dip Shirt-Lee and a good ole DIY, dress-H&M (soo last year), creepers-ebay.

Here is some more denim that I attacked with bleach. I happen to rather love it, and think it will be right handy to chuck on during a summer eve when it inevitably cools down.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

93. Molome #2

chocolate spread + spoon = downfall, bullfrog chin bunny, trio tickets, alkaline trio playing, mint choc martini, breakfast aka blue egg in a shot glass, first time roasting a chicken (named Rosie), guilty secret microwave meal, bracelet what I made, summer fruit meringue and homemade bellini, giiza erskine baseless pizza, jubilee chocolate, bleaching denim, bleached denim result, sandwiches and photos-what my days are made of, looking like a pimp daddy on my way to work, jesus plaster held on with tape, saturday night in-gossip girl, red wine, lovetub.

Its interesting how the things I think worth snapping are mainly food. Eating is clearly the highlight of my life. Who's shocked? Not me.

All photos taken on my blackberry and edited on molome. My user name is hannahvictoriaa.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

92. Born To (tie) Die

Jeans-Lee/DIY bleach job, Shirt-my boyfriends, Daisy Brooch-New Look (old), Boots-Topshop (old)

I've been wanting to do a bleach job on some old jeans for a while now, and I finally got hold of an old bucket, some bleach and some elastic bands, and followed the tutorial on "Here Is Now". I have to say, it took way longer than I thought it would! I perhaps diluted my bleach quite a lot, but it honestly took 7 hours of soaking in the mixture! I'm really pleased with the result though, and have had positive comments from customers at my work, especially when they ask where they're from and I smugly tell them "I DID IT MYSELF INNIT". I've worn them a fair bit, and I think they're great to dress up with heels and a blazer, but also look just as good with creepers and a band tee.

I also cannot reccomend living with a partner enough-you get access to their wardrobe whenever they allow it/once they have gone out, and its a bit like shopping at home for free. When I buttoned this smartest of my boyfriends shirts, right up to the top, I had an urge to wear a bow tie, like a proper fancy man. Alas, I do not have one, and so the pretty girly daisy corsage became my go to instead. I think I look right dapper.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

91. Battle For The Sun

                 The dress, sandals and sunglasses...they are ALL from Topshop. I am a complete Topshop junkie.

I finally got to debut my borderline-too-revealing maxi in the brief glimpse of sun that popped out on Sunday. To keep up with the summertime sun theme, I paired it with goff black accessories and vampy red nails. Very fresh.

My lovely boyfriend turned photographer. He has the best face ever.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Fringe Vest-Topshop via ebay, Jeans-Scarlett Skinny in Beat by Lee, Creepers-ebay

I ordered these jeans many many months ago after seeing a picture on my phone sent to me by my colleague when the Lee rep came round my workplace with samples on my day off. After picking these and another pair, I forgot all about them. They turned up on Friday and I AM IN LOVE!It's the Scarlett cut by Lee, a higher waist skinny, which is probably my favourite cut out of all my jeans (and I have A LOT) in this gorgeous grungey green. Its like a dirty pastel, so I feel it just has a slight edge on all the pretty coloured denims about at the moment. I paired them with the new creepers, which have yet to leave my feet, and this ebay bargain Topshop vest to complete the grunge-rock vibe.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

89. On The Fringe

J'adore my new Rare body. The fact that the fringing is two-tone just makes it heavenly in my eyes. Even if all those heavenly fringey bits keep getting looped around everything-the rest of my clothes, door handles, staircase bannisters, my own face....EVERYTHING. I got it from asos the other day for twenty British pounds. Find it here! The best part is that it has a hook and eye fastening in the downstairs area, so you don't have to strip off entirely to use the loo and have the terrifying moments of imagining someone walking in on you practically starkers, doing your business.

The shorts are my latest Levi's DIY cut offs, and the colour means they'll be my go-to in the summer when I imagine myself to be somewhere suitable for cut offs like California rather than boggy Southern England.

Friday, 11 May 2012

88. ...and hope to die.

 Dorrie Cross Shorts-Missguided, Tee-Iron Fist (old but wonderful), Creepers-ebay
How frickin' awesome are these shorts from ? They're wondefully high waisted and just ridiculously comfortable. I'm thinking I should maybe have sized down as they're fairly stretchy, but I'm too impatient for swaps etc and wore them anyway because I heart them so. The only thing that pained me was trying to come up with a pun involving the word "cross" for a lookbook/blogpost and just failing miserably. Suggestions are oh so very welcome.

The creepers were just £23.99 from this seller on ebay and they're actually very nice. I wore them brand new for 9 hours straight at work, with no blisters or sore bits, rendering the spare pair I took in with me USELESS.

It's a quiet Friday night in for me tonight, after the trauma of helping my boss upload photos to a dating site. AGAIN. Honestly, he just comes in, brandishes his camera memory card at me and grins, before making jokes about me finding pornographic images on there. So I think its tea and Gossip Girl to help me through this difficult time.

Am I going to get lots of hits on this post now, after including the word "pornographic"? PORN PORN PORN.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

87. My Own Summer

Bralet-River Island, Jen Slim Chino-Wrangler, Wedge-Office
This is what I wore yesterday. Then I looked outside at the rain, and added a hoodie and flats before I ventured out to drown. I think this may be the first time I've showcased these chinos on the blog but I do wear them fairly regularly as an alternative to jeans. They're incredibly comfortable and lightweight, and look even better when they've been ironed. I assume.

Apologies for the tit photo, I just wanted to show off the pretty print.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

86. Ahoy!

 Sweatshirt-Topman (my boyfriend's), Dress-New Look (old), Shoes-Rocket Dog
Tiredness coupled with rain required me to cosy up in a boy sweater yesterday. However for the purposes of looking presentable, I paired it with a pretty dress. But that's not the only factor that made me choose this dress. Look how it flares out wonderfully from the waist, skimming over the largest bellyful of burrito and beer, after a starter of pizza and chocolate biscuits.

Monday, 7 May 2012

85. Uniform

Happy Bank Holiday everybody, inlcuding those who still had to work. I thankfully didn't, but I did work yesterday. ON THE SABBATH DAY. Anyway, the above is what I wore to do all my hard workings. And by hard workings I mean putting on a really rubbish attempt at a smiley patient face when confronted with a general public possessing little to none in the listening skills department. Anyway, this is generally the kind of thing I wear-Converse for comfort, cut off Levi's as the actual uniform part (we stock Levi's), and some kind of blazer to appear smartish despite the piercings/tattoos/chipped black nail polish quite clearly on show.

On a life story note, I also roasted a whole entire chicken for the first time ever last night. I named her Rosie, and she was genuinely the tastiest chicken I have ever consumed.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

84. Bluety and the Beast

Faux Fur-Warehouse, Hat-H&M, Blouse-Vintage, Shorts-ebay, Shoes-Rocket Dog

This was my outfit of choice last night, not to go to some throwback underground seventies disco (I WISH, I may have fitted in, but this area is sadly lacking) but just out for drinks with the boy. We had Sailor Jerry Coke Floats and I also supped a Mint Choc Martini, which basically tasted like liquid after eight. I must stop indulging in drinks which are just alcoholic desserts in disguise.

Friday, 4 May 2012

83. God Bless Catastrophe

Thomas bought this tee from the merch stand at the Trio gig. I immediately commanded "WE CAN SHARE IT" and voila. Presumably he won't pair it with a floral maxi but I bloody well have. Though I assume that the visual loudness will horribly assault most peoples peepers, it pleases mine greatly. I think this summer will bring more of this sort of look from me-a terribly literal version of boy/girl dressing.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

82. Mercy Me

 All items old, diy, or stolen from boyfriends wardrobe.

Horrendous photos I know, but this is what I wore, along with out of shot trusty Converse, to an Alkaline Trio gig on Tuesday night. My favourite song (Crawl) didn't get played, sad times, but it was a brilliant gig, and I'll let them off because they are just such....NICE men

Here is another horrendous photo, taken on my blackberry. If you squint a bit and listen to this song, it'll feel just like you're right there.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

81. Style Crush-Rachel Bilson

Aaah, Rachel Bilson. Even though my own style is quite different from hers, I've always crushed on her from afar since those heady OC days. With the start of her new show Hart of Dixie, I thought now was the time to ogle her properly. She always managed to look polished, even when dressing down, and though at times her style features quite masculine tailoring, she never seems too look anything other than...well, pretty!

Please enjoy some Bilson-esque items, currently in stores.