Monday, 7 May 2012

85. Uniform

Happy Bank Holiday everybody, inlcuding those who still had to work. I thankfully didn't, but I did work yesterday. ON THE SABBATH DAY. Anyway, the above is what I wore to do all my hard workings. And by hard workings I mean putting on a really rubbish attempt at a smiley patient face when confronted with a general public possessing little to none in the listening skills department. Anyway, this is generally the kind of thing I wear-Converse for comfort, cut off Levi's as the actual uniform part (we stock Levi's), and some kind of blazer to appear smartish despite the piercings/tattoos/chipped black nail polish quite clearly on show.

On a life story note, I also roasted a whole entire chicken for the first time ever last night. I named her Rosie, and she was genuinely the tastiest chicken I have ever consumed.

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