Saturday, 12 May 2012

89. On The Fringe

J'adore my new Rare body. The fact that the fringing is two-tone just makes it heavenly in my eyes. Even if all those heavenly fringey bits keep getting looped around everything-the rest of my clothes, door handles, staircase bannisters, my own face....EVERYTHING. I got it from asos the other day for twenty British pounds. Find it here! The best part is that it has a hook and eye fastening in the downstairs area, so you don't have to strip off entirely to use the loo and have the terrifying moments of imagining someone walking in on you practically starkers, doing your business.

The shorts are my latest Levi's DIY cut offs, and the colour means they'll be my go-to in the summer when I imagine myself to be somewhere suitable for cut offs like California rather than boggy Southern England.

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