Friday, 11 May 2012

88. ...and hope to die.

 Dorrie Cross Shorts-Missguided, Tee-Iron Fist (old but wonderful), Creepers-ebay
How frickin' awesome are these shorts from ? They're wondefully high waisted and just ridiculously comfortable. I'm thinking I should maybe have sized down as they're fairly stretchy, but I'm too impatient for swaps etc and wore them anyway because I heart them so. The only thing that pained me was trying to come up with a pun involving the word "cross" for a lookbook/blogpost and just failing miserably. Suggestions are oh so very welcome.

The creepers were just £23.99 from this seller on ebay and they're actually very nice. I wore them brand new for 9 hours straight at work, with no blisters or sore bits, rendering the spare pair I took in with me USELESS.

It's a quiet Friday night in for me tonight, after the trauma of helping my boss upload photos to a dating site. AGAIN. Honestly, he just comes in, brandishes his camera memory card at me and grins, before making jokes about me finding pornographic images on there. So I think its tea and Gossip Girl to help me through this difficult time.

Am I going to get lots of hits on this post now, after including the word "pornographic"? PORN PORN PORN.

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