Sunday, 20 May 2012

93. Molome #2

chocolate spread + spoon = downfall, bullfrog chin bunny, trio tickets, alkaline trio playing, mint choc martini, breakfast aka blue egg in a shot glass, first time roasting a chicken (named Rosie), guilty secret microwave meal, bracelet what I made, summer fruit meringue and homemade bellini, giiza erskine baseless pizza, jubilee chocolate, bleaching denim, bleached denim result, sandwiches and photos-what my days are made of, looking like a pimp daddy on my way to work, jesus plaster held on with tape, saturday night in-gossip girl, red wine, lovetub.

Its interesting how the things I think worth snapping are mainly food. Eating is clearly the highlight of my life. Who's shocked? Not me.

All photos taken on my blackberry and edited on molome. My user name is hannahvictoriaa.

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