Saturday, 19 May 2012

92. Born To (tie) Die

Jeans-Lee/DIY bleach job, Shirt-my boyfriends, Daisy Brooch-New Look (old), Boots-Topshop (old)

I've been wanting to do a bleach job on some old jeans for a while now, and I finally got hold of an old bucket, some bleach and some elastic bands, and followed the tutorial on "Here Is Now". I have to say, it took way longer than I thought it would! I perhaps diluted my bleach quite a lot, but it honestly took 7 hours of soaking in the mixture! I'm really pleased with the result though, and have had positive comments from customers at my work, especially when they ask where they're from and I smugly tell them "I DID IT MYSELF INNIT". I've worn them a fair bit, and I think they're great to dress up with heels and a blazer, but also look just as good with creepers and a band tee.

I also cannot reccomend living with a partner enough-you get access to their wardrobe whenever they allow it/once they have gone out, and its a bit like shopping at home for free. When I buttoned this smartest of my boyfriends shirts, right up to the top, I had an urge to wear a bow tie, like a proper fancy man. Alas, I do not have one, and so the pretty girly daisy corsage became my go to instead. I think I look right dapper.