Wednesday, 11 January 2012

50. Mulberry Tillie Tote! Ding Dong Indeed!

 Give us this day, our yearned for handbag...

 The most exciting moment of my life, as you can see...

 DING DONG INDEED! (topless boyfriend sorting the bin out in the background cropped out)

 Dustbag removal, bated breath...oh and apparently a bag for a bag is a hilarious concept according to topless boyfriend...

 Oh sweet surge of joy...!

 Clippety clip the extra strap...

 Who is that lucky lucky and oh so fashionable lady? OH YAH ITS ME.


 Is it weird that I want it to wear with age as quickly as possible?

 My sticker sheet! I got one with my phone case in August too, and I'm so pleased to have this new set!

 Oh, Mulberry! A card, for me? POUR MOI?!

 Oh do not worry your pretty little head, I will enjoy, OH HOW I WILL ENJOY!

Family reunion, I feel so sauve!

SO YES! Today was the day, and typically, my day off-and my package was delivered to my work. Not that I'm complaining, as it meant I walked back through town with my big ding-donging paper bag, trying my best not to shove it under strangers noses, before making eye contact and exclaiming "Oh, I'm sorry, I didnt see you there? Oh this? This? Its nothing, just my brand new handbag, nothing special!"

Sigh, ain't she purdy? I love the look of it (her?) and the feel, and the weightiness in my hand. And the smell too! My life is complete.

If you too wish to brighten your otherwise dreary meaningless life, the Tillie Tote in black can be found here reduced from £975 to £585, amongst other beautiful items.

Sidenote; did anyone else, as a child, think it was called a Ham-bag? I found the whole thing very strange for a long time, and just could not figure out what it had to do with any kind of luncheon meat.


  1. omg you lucky thing! that bag is gorgeous! and i love your outfit! xx

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS! You lucky girl...its such a perfect bag! I love the gold hardware and the pockets at the front!

    1. The pockets are what sold me too! Extra storage for all my crap!

  3. Such a gorgeous bag!! lucky girl x