Sunday, 8 January 2012

49. Not Everything Is Black And White

Blouse-Topshop, Skirt-H&M (very old), Belt-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Rocket Dog, Necklace-Dorothy Perkins (old)

Can't decide whether today is a good day or not. Didn't fall asleep til after 2am, which meant I slept in late too, til about 12ish. Which is a nice lay in, but makes me feel horrifically lazy and useless. I was going to go into town shoe shopping, (mega thumbs up) but I went online and stumbled across something I love very very much, IN THE SALE. Ye Mulberry Gods did answer me, and reduced the black leather Tillie Tote bag. (mega mega thumbs up). After much dithering and calculations, involving what I owe on my credit card and how much overtime and bonus I got after Christmas I went ahead and ordered it. I shall now not be going out for the next 2 months and living off bread and water. Which is fine, I love both. And I love the bag more.

However, my bank decided I couldn't afford this kind of thing, and therefore wouldn't be buying it, and I recieved an automated voicemail to check it was me doing the spending. Unfortunately I didn't hear my phone go off, as I was away taking these outfit photos (woe) and so my work got phoned too. And so did my parents. So the first I knew of it was my mum buzzing away on the doorbell, then storming in, and announcing dramatically "The fraud squad have phoned us, and your bank say someone has stolen your identity and they are spending all your money!" She could not be placated with a simple "I imagine its a routine check, and I just have to confirm a transaction, I've had to do it before." and was insistent that my card had been blocked because someone on ebay had stolen my card details. I've no idea where she got the ebay part from.
So a lovely day of sitting about with curly fries, the Lost series 2 boxset, and the buzz of buying a designer bag, has somehow felt completely exhausting. Only dreaming of getting my grubby mitts on my new bag can ease my soul.

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