Wednesday, 4 January 2012

48. These Pants Were Made For Walking

Blouse-Topshop, Sequin Knickers-Miss Selfridge, Tights-Topshop, Shoes-Rocket Dog, Fur Coat-Warehouse

So this is what I wore on New Years Eve, but on the actual night I was surrounded by boys in a very nice but very cold flat in Hastings without my camera, so I've recreated the look today so that I can blog about it, as our rabbit looked on in confusion. A very productive way to spend my day off, I'm sure you'll agree, along with the other thing I did today-made a gross unexplainable video with my boyfriend, for a friend of ours with a strong dislike of eggy sandwiches :) I've no idea if everyone can watch it, I've made it available to the public, but I'm not that great with facebook stuff to be honest.

These are the first photos I've taken using a tripod too (christmas present from the boy) and I must say it was very pleasant not to have to balance my camera on various ledges and bits of furniture, forever in the fear of it falling off.

How is 2012 going for everyone? For me, surprisingly, not much has changed, but I do have a few life plans for the year, not resolutions as such, as I never keep them, but just some things I am determined to try out, like taking up Spanish again and having a serious think about what I want to do with my life so that I don't spend the rest of it working in a little shop. Oh, and to wear matching underwear more often.

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  1. I looove your shorts, especially paired with the tights! I've been desperate to get a faux fur coat like yours, but I've had no luck, they're nowhere to be found :( x