Wednesday, 25 January 2012

52. Take Me Down

Blazer-Topshop, Bralet-Topshop, Jeans-Lee, Boots-PPQ at Office, Giant Knockers-La Senza

So I took these pictures about a week ago now, yet have been absent from all online goodness due to my poor laptop getting a virus called System Check. Hint; if your anti-virus repeatedly tells you there's a threat on a page, don't just go "Oh fuck off" and click Ignore. Its knows what it's talking about. So my laptop got left at a local computer repair shop for a week whilst they fixed it. I think I could've got it sorted quicker, but it would have cost more. And after the Mulberry splurge, I'm not exactly knee deep in dollah. Not even ankle deep. Probably barely toe deep. Hurry Up Payday! Only about a week to go!

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