Saturday, 20 August 2011

2. Date With The Night

Sheer top-Primark
Skirt-New Look
Tights-Henry Holland for Pretty Polly
Faux leather bralet (underneath)-Topshop
Leather Jacket-Vintage/Recycled leather at Topshop
I write this through a lemsip haze (not just any lemsip, lemsip max, the hard stuff) so please excuse any crapness. My boyfriend plays in a couple of bands and last night one of them were playing in front of an audience for the very first time. So I dutifully overdosed on the lemsip, blew my nose 100 times (I don't do illness subtley) and dolled myself up. I like to think the leather look bralet added a tough sexy edge underneath the feminine top, though you couldn't really see it in the dodgy lighting at the gig. Ah well, I tried. Everyone else was in jeans too, so kudos to me for looking the most sensational/tragically overdressed. I also have to mention the jacket. IT HAS FRINGING. From the moment I saw it in the Oxford Street Topshop I was massively in love. Its made up of various vintage leather jacket parts put together to make one magical beast. WITH FRINGING. I'd been searching for a real leather jacket that wasn't over the £200 mark but was a little bit different for so so long, so when I saw this one I knew it was worth abusing the credit card for. It's pretty much my key piece for pulling outfits together right now, especially going into Autumn. Anyway, time for my snotty face to catch up with The Killing (Yes, the U.S version, no I've not seen the original so I don't care if its sooo much better) Adieu.

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