Saturday, 27 August 2011

6. Birthday Swag

Happy 23rd Birthday to me (for Thursday) Birthday celebrations involved a trip to Thorpe park with 7 friends the day before, then I spent my actual birthday in bed. Whole day, in bed. Not doing anything saucy you understand, quite the opposite. Me and the boyfriend spent the whole day watching Buffy DVDs and eating lots of takeaway junk food. I don't wish to reveal the full extent of our piggery, but there were two 18inch pizzas involved, plus side dishes. Perfect day. It obviously got off to a good start when I opened my presents and they were ALL wonderful. Not one single dodgy gift. They included Benefit makeup, hair accessories, a wonderful "H" cameo necklace, underwear, an AMAZING owl cushion that I've been harping on about wanting since before Christmas 2010, a wonderfully tacky maneki neko (beckoning cat), Buffy and Psychoville DVDs, Marmite (from my mother's dog...don't ask), money that shall be changed up for my upcoming Antigua holiday, and the piece de resistance...? A Mulberry phone cover for my Blackberry (in oak of course to match the Alexa or Bayswater that I will one day own). My boyfriend got me it, partly because he loves me, but mainly because I agreed to ditch my beautiful (hideous) diamonte studded cover if he got me the Mulberry.

If it were possible I was just as excited about the packaging of the phone cover as I was about the gift itself. Wrapped in tissue, inside a giftbox (complete with small embossed logo), inside a bag, held together with black ribbon, and topped off with a bird. A bird! With real feathers, covered in some kind of foam that looks as if it's been handpainted. Mulberry's new season ad campaign is absolutely stuffed full of English countryside references, or as I like to think, its Mulberry meets Animals of Farthing Wood. All this foresty goodness totally exudes what I feel when I think of Autumn, and ties in nicely with the berry, pumpkin and teal shades featured in the current collection, plus the upcoming browns and greys, and of course the ever present oaky favourites. I've also just read that Tim Walker was the one magicing up these images, and since he's one of my most admired photographers, I'm taking it as a sign that Mulberry and I are destined for each other. Do you think they will marry me?

One day I will get my hands on the perfect handbag, til then I will lovingly stroke (and occasionally sniff) my best birthday present, the phone case.

Anyone else got an exceptionally good birthday gift this year?

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