Tuesday, 30 August 2011

8. Lady Luck

On Saturday, the Gods of shopping put me through my paces, and my determination was rewarded handsomely!

In a previous post I mentioned lusting after these bad boys from Hudson.

Beautiful, but £130-which would take a bit of saving for me. And I'm not a patient person. So in reality would mean me adding to my credit card debt. I was at work on Saturday wearing my lovely H necklace that I got for my birthday, when it just fell off from round my neck. Looking at it, I realised the clasp was faulty and didnt stay closed properly. So off I went to Topshop on my break hoping to change it for a new one. (Sadly they had none left, but going back tomorrow when the jewellery section has been replenished). Anyway, whilst in there, I of course checked out the footwear section. And ohhh, what did I spy? Last pair, in my size, reduced to £25 from £50 (though website says reduced from £100? Hmmm) the same shape boot that I so wanted, different colour but still in that neutral colour range, with the perfect heel height!

My prayers were answered! God bless you faulty necklace! So I duly had them put behind the till for me, and even picked up some suede protector too. Only I realised when I got to the front of the queue, oh horror of horrors, that I didn't have my purse on me. After desperately telling the shop assistant that I lived just 5 minutes away (its more like 10) so please could he hold them for me, meanwhile painfully aware that I only had 5 minutes of lunchbreak left, I did that thing that I never ever want to do again. I RAN. I ran (ok, powerwalked) through town to get my purse (which contained a £15 gift voucher) from home, then actually really RAN knowing my break was long over back to my boots. What an attractive vision I cast, striding through Topshop amongst the young pretty folk, red and sweaty, and gasping for oxygen. However the girl behind the desk made the mistake of not being scared off by this view and commented "Ooh, these are nice aren't they!?" as she handed me the box. Giddy on exercise endorphins and lack of oxygen, I proceeded to babble at her about the Hudson boots, how the sale ones were so similar, and how thrilled I was to find these ones "in my size!" as my sweaty forehead glistened at her like a piece of greasy ham.

But I don't care. I've worn them everyday since, they've even survived a day on my feet at work, so it was worth the run in the end.

Oh, and my boss didn't even notice I was late back.

You can buy them on sale on the Topshop website here-Aruba2 Suede Boots

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