Sunday, 28 August 2011

7. Sunday Style Crush-Gillian Zinser

Thinking of maybe making this a little blog feature, if only to give me a reason behind my mindless browsing of beautiful girls in beautiful clothes, which usually only ends in a mumbled cry of "merrrhhhhggll" which as everyone knows is the universal cry to symbolise the mixed feelings of jealousy and longing.

The first creature to get these cries from me is Gillian Zinser AKA Ivy from 90210. Is there anyone who does not like her? Girls, boys, even my mum who has recently taken to watching 90210 repeats on C4 in the mornings said to me "I like that Ivy one, she's a bit different"

Oh Gosh. That hair. That amazing hair. And obvs I'm totally into anyone who can wear a leather jacket with a girly dress so well. But ohhh, to have her way of easy dressing. I imagine its something to do with the fact I don't seem as if I spend half my life in the Californian surf. I did recently invest in a skateboard. I love going on it (read standing on it, or rolling forward a couple of metres) but it also scares me a bit. I also dont like not being able to wear my too-tight-to-move skinnies on it. BACK TO THE POINT. Oh Gillian, you have the perfect surfer girl on a catwalk then going to a rock show look and I love you. Let me be you? I'll even wear a hat.

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