Monday, 19 March 2012

67. Coloured Denim, Let Me Count The Ways

Coloured Jeans! We've all seen the beautiful rainbows of denim in every hue around at the moment, everywhere from Harrods to H&M. But it can be a bit daunting when thinking how to style a statement piece like these-they're quite "LOOK AT ME AND MY LEGS. LOOK AT ME NOOOOWWW" (or perhaps that's just me..?)
Anyway. I decided to foray into the world of coloured denim, via some mouth watering pink Lee skinny jeans from my place of work. After tentatively slipping them on, I realised how much more versatile they are than I had originally thought. With that in mind, I decided to spend my time today, styling the same pair in 5 different ways to show how just about anyone, who might've thought "I like them, but they're just not very ME", can indeed wear them however the hell they want.

Look One: TOMBOY

Pink jeans? Tomboy? Antithesis or what? I found this actually very easy to do, as the pink means you can slip on anything a bit boyish (read-you can steal whatever you want from your boyfriends/brothers/dads wardrobe) and still look tomboy rather than just plain old boy. I also confess that the reason for this look was because I really wanted to wear this old Vans cap that I found many years ago in a friends camper van and "borrowed".

 Shirt is my boyfriends, which he got via ebay. Similar ones here.
Converse, Vans, and also combat boots would all work well here.

Look Two: BRIGHTS!
A really fresh look for Spring, if being a bit more girly is your style. I reckon you could combine a few different prints here, maybe some mismatched florals, but keep it quite tailored like with the blazer, so you don't end up resembling a pile of old curtains. Unless of course that's your thing, in which case, I salute you and wish you well.

I think some awesome bright platform sandals like these from asos would be fantastic here, but sadly my wardrobe is lacking. This blazer is from River Island, last year, but they have a great selection this year too, SEE HERE!

Look 3: PREPPY

I always find it a bit hard to do the "preppy" look due to my tattoos and tunnels, but I reckon I can just about pull it off-so if I can, so can anyone! Again, tailoring would be key, and if this isn't enough, what better inspiration can there be for preppy coloured jeans, than the annoyingly gorgeous Kate Middleton, who has apparently caused women to stampede to the shops in search of some coral jeans. See this picture on for how to dress like a pro!

These boots were in the Topshop sale, but if money was no object, I would go with some from Hudson, like this pair.

I'm afraid I could never refer to myself as sexy, hence the nervously humourous title. But you know what I mean. Think Kardashian if you must. But I bet if you turned up on a date like this (with your own face and body mind) you'd get some "I like her style" respect and then probably some sweet lovin'.*

*Disclaimer: this is not a proven fact, just a liklihood. If no sweet lovin' is recieved, I hold no responsibility.

Sleeveless shirts like these would be nice too, if you don't mind showing your arms.

Look 5: GRUNGE
This is my personal favourite, and what I did in fact wear today, which is why it gets an extra photo too. Longline vest tops, like my realitee one, in blacks or greys are super nice for this, but I think  band tees/jack daniels tees would be perfect too. I personally think that pink is the most awesome colour in a grungey look as its such a contrast to the dark, and does add a girly spin on it, but an electric blue would come a close second if pink just ain't up your dark, brooding street. If I had creepers they would be on my feet to finish this outfit perfectly, but alas I do not, so faithful Converse it is. Make-up wise, I'm wearing the Kate Moss for Rimmel dark purple lipstick, but over a pink base colour so that it wasn't too harsh.

I was going to wear a different jacket, but could not find it, so in a stressy huff I cut the sleeves off an old pleather jacket. And I'm so glad I did-I'm in love! If DIY hacking of your beautiful clothes isn't a pleasant prospect for you, then you're in luck as Forever 21 have this one on sale and Topshop have a reasonably priced one too, in several colours.

So that's it! I possibly should have split this into 5 different posts if I was a smart and patient blogger. But I'm not. So I haven't. What's your favourite look out of the 5? What would you do differently? If you've posted about styling coloured denim, then please link me, so that I can get even more ideas!


  1. really good post i love the third preppy look definitely something i would wear! :)x

    1. Ah good, thats the one I was least confident on I think! Thanks!