Saturday, 10 March 2012

63. Fervently Praying...

Fervently praying that I can get a hold of these babies....

Sam Edelman Faye clogs from a couple of years ago-I want to say A/W 2010? Saw them in a charity shop window, in my size, for £7.99 on my way home from work. Woefully the shop was closed, and even more woefully I did not check to see if they opened on Sundays. So I'm going to head into town tomorrow for 10am to see...and if not, Monday morning they MUST MUST MUST be mine.

I think I'm going to do a lot more of my shopping in charity shops (or shall I call them "thrift shops" to sound a bit cooler?) and on ebay etc from now on, partly after reading this post on Madeline's blog (my favourite blogger/blog at the moment and for the forseeable future) on the advantages on your wallet and on your conscience to "thrifting". And also because our rent is being put up to SEVEN HUNDRED BLOODY QUID a month, which is frankly ridiculous. So its either pay that and be poor, or move house-which will also leave us poor for a while, and leave me very very VERY stressed. Fabulous. Only bargain shoes can cheer me!

Is anyone else joining me in the bargain hunting? I'm also interested in how other young ladies with rent to pay, but with a lust for clothes, clothes, and more clothes, manage to pay their way? At the moment I'm selling a fair bit on ebay...but is the next step to pull an Annie from 90210, and sell some different wares to fund my life?

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