Saturday, 17 March 2012

66. Retail Therapy

After having no break at work yesterday, I got to leave early today. BRILLIANT SAYS I! OUCHIE SAYS MY BANK. Now I know I said I was going to be doing more thrift/ebay spending... but Thomas went on holiday today, and I'm disproportionately sad about how much I'm going to miss him considering it's only 2 weeks that he is gone. And it was a sadness that only Topshop could cure.

The dress wins for me as it is actually long enough to near on touch the ground, although it does have another cut out in the fabric across the boobies-I may have to add a stitch to keep my modest girls under wraps. The top is part of the Realitee concession. Anyway, I'm keeping this short and sweet, as another part of my girlish moping is curling up to read The Hunger Games trilogy with some M&S cookies. Going to view a cottage for rent tomorrow morning, so want to look rested and therefore respectable for that too. Happy Weekend everyone, may yours be less self pitying than mine!


  1. The dress is lovely :)
    good luck with the cottage! x

  2. the black dress is just gorgeous! ...newest follower :)x