Friday, 23 March 2012

68. Fresh Ink

Done by Mario at Stylish Skin in Chichester

This is my freshest piece! Took 3 hours on Wednesday, and I'm going back in a month or so for another hour roughly, to get the roses shaded fully. It actually wasn't too painful-just started to get a bit sore towards the end of the third hour as you can imagine. Needless to say I've been subjecting the world to my pasty legs the last couple of days to show it off. Thank goodness for the vague hints of sunshine that allowed me to do this! I've had all this week off work, and its gone by quite nicely, lunches with friends, junk food sleepovers, above tattoo, drinks in the evening with friends I'd not seen in a while, and devouring all of "The Hunger Games" trilogy. I finished the last one today, and since I cry so easily at books/films/tv/adverts, the tears were streaming unashamedly! Back to work on Monday, and I'm hoping the days will go by quite quickly, so I can cross off the last day on the little countdown I have on my calendar til Thomas comes home! 9 days to go!

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