Saturday, 3 March 2012

62. Life As We Know It (in which I share real life photos)


 Pretty Colours

 Muddy Dyke Boots

 Excitement at being so close to nature, and having just eaten a club sandwich.

 Isn't this the best fucking photo of a leaf you ever saw...?

 Boytoy in a good mood (which turned into a bad mood when we got lost and it started to get dark)


 Grinning through my hair envy-aren't her long locks luscious?

Pre-night out drinking/posing, aka BEFORE MY FALL.

So I thought I'd prove that my tales of "having a life" had some substance behind them. As you can see I am always having a fun time, walking along in mud next to some trees, and drinking delicious vodka so that I don't mind doing open mouthed smiling for photos. What larks. Highlights were getting lost in the woods, and having to retrace our footsteps-made more difficult when we found ourselves on the wrong side of a "Private Property-DO NOT ENTER" sign; getting locked INSIDE my friends house and having to climb out the window; leaning on a wall in a club, which turned out to be a door and falling down the flight of stairs behind the magic disappearing wall; and to top it off having to climb in the window we had previously climbed out of, after being locked out as well.

How is everyone spending their weekends? I've got myself a buy one get two free easter egg offer, so that's my evening set.

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