Sunday, 11 March 2012

64. A Little Birdie Told Me....

Bird Shorts-ASOS Petite (huh?I know-SALE!), Tee-H&M (old), Jacket-New Look (ooold), Loafers-Topshop, Bag-Mulberry


Happy Sunny Sunday everyone! I got these shorts from asos in the week, and despite being from the petite section, they fit me fine-for a mere 8 pounds it was worth the risk! I was tres happy when I saw the sun peeping out today, so I gave them their first airing with a plain tee-though it was still a bit nippy, so reached for one of many trusty blazers in my wardrobe. You can also see a glimpse of the beloved Tillie tote which I have used everyday since I got it-cost per wear is working out nicely!

Anyway, so off I tottered down to the charity shop this morning to check out the Edelman's again. The shop was closed, so I will be queueing outside tomorrow at 9am, even if it means I'm a little late opening up my own work (just next door), in the terror that someone else will snap em up.

Then we headed to the pub for breakfast-only we were too late for breakfast-so I ended up having a roast dinner instead, yummers.

After stuffing myself with roast AND mashed potato, we walked/waddled to HMV to hopefully snap up a trashy horror. I was hoping for "Strip Nude For Your Killer", which I can only assume is a tenderly made, thoughtful piece, but the boy thought it might be "a bit much" and so we FAILED in our mission.
Buffy Season 3 it is....


  1. Cute shorts!


  2. I love this look especially the shorts!