Wednesday, 2 November 2011

31. Tries And Buys

Token bottle holding shot
So this was the shade of Leighton Denny polish I got in October's Glossybox, and oui, I like! If you ignore my horrific nail painting skills (I did these on my lunch break, not thinking about the eating and washing up and stock picking I was going to have to do immediately after), yes, if you ignore my skills (or lack of) I think you will agree what a lovely icy winter colour it is.
Its not a shade I would have chosen myself-I usually favour blacks, greys, navys and the occasional red (though perhaps I wouldve picked it out for the name; Sex Kitten) But everytime I catch a glimpse of my digits, I think "Ooh, what a great look." I think thats the best thing about glossybox and other similar schemes, trying things outside your usual safezone.
As for the actual application, the first coat seemed very transparent and I worried I was going to have to apply 20 coats to achieve the opaque look I favour, but I actually only needed two proper coats, plus a few touch ups (though thats more down to me missing bits.) I've also noticed that despite my rushed application, no top coat, and having to rip open cardboard boxes with my nails for the 2 days following, it hasn't chipped at all! I'm impressed! So all in all, A HIT!!

Yesterday I recieved most of my wages, and immediately came home to order these babies off Forever21

Aaaaand I also got these bad boys off of by Rocket Dog. They also came in leopard print (OOF!) but I told myself the black will be worn much more. Christmas list maybe?!


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