Monday, 18 June 2012

96. In With The Old...

I believe this spotty dotty floaty skirt from H&M holds the great honour of being the item to cling onto my wardrobe the longest. I distinctly remember buying it with birthday money aged 15, and feeling oh so chic when wearing it with a coral cami top (to match the big spots) and some horrific beige wedges on my first unsupervised shopping trip to Brighton with friends. There was a time aged 18/19-when I discovered binge drinking-that my body became too massive for it, but I just couldn't throw it out. Nearly 9 years on I am wearing it again-thankfully the beige wedges are long gone, ditto the teensy top. I can only wonder if in another 9 years, in my thirties if I will still be wearing it. And will look back on a grey loose knit and metallic plimsolls with utter bemusement/disgust.

What item have you had in your wardrobe the longest? Do you still wear it, or does it remain for purely sentimental value?

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  1. Ha love this post! I remember going on my first no adults allowed shopping trip and feeling uber chic! And sadly I too remember the horrors of binge drinking weight gain : /

    Love the grey though, and you look so fab that it'd be hard to shudder in years to come!