Friday, 15 June 2012

95. Specs, Skin and Sequins aka I'M BACK!

Everything in this picture is old and from Topshop. Except the brand spanking new specs!
I'm not even going to try and look back to see when it was I last posted. TOO LONG AGO. I'd love to explain my absence with a powerful life changing story. But er...I've just been working, working, working and occassionally doing the odd impression of The Human Centipede to break it up.

How'd you like the new spectacles though? I recently realised I was well overdue with my eye test when I found myself squinting at the tv, even though I had my glasses on. The eye test confirmed my vision has dwindled somewhat, so I treated my peepers to two, yes two (!) new pairs. The above round tortoiseshells, and some new black square ones by Gant, that are blacker and squarer than ever before. I heart them both, I really do.

Expect some kind of photo's only update, to better explain what I've been doing that deserved my time more than blogging, but I will bow out for now, and let you calm yourself down, instead of making you hyperventilate in excitement at this post.

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