Tuesday, 26 June 2012

97. Butterflies and Missing Doll Eyes

All taken at Earnley Butterflies, Birds and Beasts. Upon myself I wear a River Island Blazer, Beyond Retro Rob Zombie tee, Topshop Dress and ebay Creepers.

Sunday was mine and Thomas' third anniversary. We celebrated with a cooked breakfast and a trip to the local butterfly gardens. I was beyond ecstatic when a HUGE butterfly "landed" on me (ok, I put my finger under it til it reluctantly climbed on) and barely stopped myself from joining in with the toddlers running around shrieking "I WAAAANNA CAAATCH ONE". Its not a sartorial coincidence that my blazer resembles a colourful plant either. It shames me to admit I wore it on purpose, hoping it would tempt the butterflies to flock to me. It kind of worked I guess.

The most pleasant surprise of the day was the randomly placed memoribilia museum that was also on the grounds, holding various items from the twentieth century that people would presumably love to look fondly back on. Like mint condition dolls. With no eyes. Or clothes. Not creepy at all....

The thing I can avoid no longer though, HOW EFFING COOL IS MY T-SHIRT? Found it on Beyond Retro whilst searching for birthday presents for the boy. I heart Rob Zombie and I heart this tee.

We finished the day with pizza AND chinese. Ever so grand.

Anyone else get as excited about butterflies as me?

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  1. oh I love a bit of Rob Zombie! insanely cool tshirt and love how you've worn it

    - ordaining serendipity