Tuesday, 10 April 2012

72. Woah Young Filly

Is it warm? Is it cold? I have no idea. Which is why I wear a wooly hats and hoodies with shorts and crop tops these days. Did anyone else get the animal print crops from H&M last year? They did a bunny one too. I remember buying the horse one, and liking it very much, til I saw an 8 year old wearing the same one the next day. However I no longer care, so back out it comes.

After previously complaining about my lack of an iphone/instagram, I was swiftly directed to www.molo.me by my beautiful bezza,which is a very similar thing for all the wonderful blackberry users out there. Needless to say, I AM HOOKED. If anyone else has it, my username is hannahvictoriaa, so find me here!

Currently doing the good girlfriend bit, and have had a turkey casserole simmering away for the last couple of hours, and then we should be going to see Wrath of the Titans at the cinema tonight. I've been promised hot man flesh to look at during the film...so if there's not, there will be wrath from me also. (GEDDIT?!)

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