Wednesday, 25 April 2012

79. Style Crush-Courtin-Clarins Sisters

Virginie and Claire Courtins-Clarins. Not only are they part of THE Clarins legend, impossibly tall, lithe and entirely beautiful. THEY ALSO GOTS STYLE YO! I love their edgy but expensive look. Special mention to Claire's incredible denim jacket, which I believe is Jack Greer for Opening Ceremony (correct me if I'm wrong?)
Wouldn't it make a great DIY project too though?
Now if anyone out there would like to be my stylish sister, preferably tall and brunette for resemblance purposes (and some dollah behind you wouldn't hurt as I have none), please apply in the comments below. Together we can walk about in complementary outfits, attending functions, getting photographed, and just generally have a hobby of being awesome together.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah their style is really unique :) love to be ur stylish sister but unfortunately I don't look like you at all :/ haha an we'd still have a prob with the $$$ :D