Monday, 16 April 2012

74. Nightrain

 Everything you see me wearing is off good old ebay. Including the hair dye.

So after drooling over this tumblr site and all its pretty hair pictures I decided I needed some dip dye action back in my life. I shall probably do some from of step-by-step post in the next few days. Onto the outfit! Both the top and the skirt were purchased on a recent major ebay splurge. The skirt can be found here, and the tee can be found here. Bargainous eh?! A pink flowy skirt isn't necessarily "me" but as Jen recently posted, its good to take a sartorial step outside your comfort zone. I think it's made more my own though with the boots that do not leave my feet, and a good old fashioned band tee.


  1. fun pictures, i love your pink skirt.!
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  2. Great style! I really like your hair colour :)