Sunday, 22 April 2012

78. Into The Wild

Dress-Topshop but from ebay, Hat-ebay, Leather Jacket-Vintage Renewal from Topshop, Necklace-redicovered this morning, but from Accessorize.

I've been wanting to combine the lace, leather and socks like this for ages, and it's just kept on raining each day. But today I got my chance when myself and Thomas sneaked out for a weekend woodland walk todays sans showers. IN YOUR FACE WEATHER SYSTEM. It was actually almost aaaaalmost sunny, and there was a whole ton of zingy coloured flora around to make it feel even nicer and brighter than ever (even thought the bluebells were droopy).

Despite a customer at my work questioning if my legs were good/slim enough to get away with skinny jeans, today has brought bacon sandwiches and chocolate spread on toast, and right now I'm being pestered to start on roast potato preparations. Sunday is so my favourite day right now.

I always re-read my blogposts and wonder why, despite posting up outfit photos, I probably spend more time discussing food and other non-fashion related business than the clothes on my back. Do any of my 12 readers mind?!

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