Thursday, 19 April 2012

75. White Rabbit

Vest-The Orphans's Arms, Leggings-ebay, Hat-ebay, Shoes-Converse, Rings-Topshop/ Gifts.

Yesterday I broke a cardinal rule-leggings as trousers. I think it's ok though, if they're thick patterned leggings or velvet style ones like these, and if the top is long enough to cover your buttocks. I got these leggings from this ebay seller and whilst my legs are not quite as wonderfully slim as those of the model, I can't help but want EVERY. SINGLE. COLOUR. I also want more vests..well no, more everything ever, from The Orphan's Arms. My current tally is just 2 vests, but I love the length and awesome prints on both of them, and basically require more to help me survive this crazy life.

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