Wednesday, 4 July 2012

99. Style Crush- Krysten Ritter

Krysten Ritter came stalking on her envy invoking legs into my consiousness via "Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23" although I had unknowingly seen her as a young Carol Rhodes in Gossip Girl too. A fact which cements her as faaaaabulous in my mind. Appazza she is also in Breaking Bad, but I have only seen series one. Which she is not in.



To be perfectly honest, she could wear baggy crotch leggings with fake Uggs and a spandex boob tube, and as long as she still had that glorious fringe and confusingly stylish ponytail (its a PONYTAIL, how can it look so sophis?) I would worship her.
Of course, she would never wear those things. Except maybe in the privacy of her own home-I would not know, as I have not actually stalked her as much as it seems I would like to.
What she would wear is an assortment of sometimes cute, sometimes sexy dresses, always managing to look a little "quirky" if I may be so unoriginal. This je ne sais quoi, is I suspect down to the combination of jet black hair (and fringe!) and pale skin that always looks so beautiful on celebs, and so Marilyn Manson on me.

Here, for you viewing pleasure, are some Ritter-worthy cloths. No baggy-crotch leggings allowed.

Lace dress, available in various colours here on asos.

Collar Skater dress here on missguided. I REALLY WANT IT IN WHITE.

AMAZE dress (but only for the midriff confident) here on Topshop.

Also from Toppers, a studded (p)leather to toughen up your pretty pretty dresses.

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