Thursday, 23 August 2012

105. New Purchase: KG Kurt Geiger Purse

It's a thing of beauty right? Even though it pained me to empty out my old faithful H&M purse, I had lost too many coins out through a hole in the coin section, as well as the fact it would randomly come undone in my bag and empty my cards everywhere. This would cause me great embarrasment in shop queues as I scrabbled about "It's in here somewhere...!" listening to people sigh behind me. Yes, I definitely needed a replacement.

I did not realise how difficult it would be to find the perfect purse-in budget, not hideous looking and large enough to hold my passport which I carry around just in case I spontaneously decide to jet off somewhere. That's a lie. I use it for ID as I don't have a driving license.

After several months, yes, months checking shops whenever I popped in, and browsing online casually, and then one full on six hour hardcore session of shopping, I finally found THE ONE in Kurt Geiger. I finally smiled, and my boyfriend more than smiled with relief that he did not have to traipse round anymore accessories sections in a lost manner. Apart from being big enough, with enough card slots, and a seperate zip section for coins it is black, with gold hardware, just like my handbag. PERFEC'!

If you also like it very much, you can get it online for forty British pounds here. There are other colours and other materials too. Enjoy!

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