Wednesday, 7 November 2012

113. Attitude Clothing Co

"Established in 1996, Attitude Clothing Co. is the UK’s original mail order and online retailer of men's and women's alternative clothing, streetwear and footwear.
Fuelled by a love of Metal, Punk and heavy rock music we’ve been at the front line of the alternative clothing scene for over 16 years bringing you the best designs in Emo, Gothic, Punk and Rockabilly clothes, footwear and accessories first along with the coolest tees, hoodies and skate shoes from the world’s hottest brands."

Over the last few years I've made the odd order from particularly when I was about 18, when camo print skinnies, Iron Fist tees, tartan skirts with over the knee stripy socks and multiple facial piercings were my uniform. I've mellowed in my old age, and whilst my Iron Fist zombie heels are still my faves, them and anything overtly in your face "emo, gothic, punk and rockabilly" have been retired from my wardrobe.

However, since I still order plugs, tunnels and boyfriends birthday t-shirts from Attitude, I receive a nice little brochure in the post every now and then. A few days ago, I did indeed find one of these brochures popped through my letterbox...and my once teenage heart beat faster, faster Panic! style again. Pretty dresses, cosy looking knitwear and foot-envy inducing shoes. I eagerly logged on, and whilst happily the full on bondage-and-zombie-skulls apparel was still going strong, there was plenty to choose from for my now diluted yet nostalgic tastes.

Here's my picks! So drool-inducing, and importantly, affordable!

1. Eyeball Crop Top  2. Disco Pant 3. Flatform Boot 4. CC Drip Earrings 5. Cameo Bracelet

6. Wailing Winds Tee 7. Stripe Knit 8. Glitter Heel 9. Swallow Necklace 10. Swallow Dress

11. Wednesday Dress 12. Fox Tee 13. Bunny Jumper 14. Pixel Zombie Dress
15. Stabby Cat Brogue 16. Pixel Zombie Knit 17. Studded Pleather Short 18. Lucky Cat Plug (I own these)

What do you think? Would you consider looking on the attitude website now for some girly items? Or perhaps just for your homicidal feline foot needs?

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