Monday, 29 October 2012

112. Wedge Trainers and Pretty Dresses

Dress-Boohoo, Cardi-H&M, Trainers-Deena&Ozzy at Urban Outfitters

Concealed wedge trainers have been kicking about for some time now. I absolutely loathe about 90% of them. But then that other 10%...ohhhhh that gooooorgeous 10%, I want to marry and make tiny little shoe babies with.

Awkward lovemaking aside, these are my personal pedantic rules on the wedge trainer.

1. The wedge must be CONCEALED. Otherwise there's something about the aesthetic that just seems so so awkward to my eye.

2. NO BRIGHTS. Blacks and greys are my favourites, though I also like pale neutrals. I'm even partial to a bit of print. But the bright block colours that others seem to adore, scream junior school sports day way too loud to be allowed near my tootsies.

3. They must have a big fat tongue. The appeal to me is the chunky look. I like a wedge trainer, not a wedge plimsoll. Now a flatform plimsoll is something I can admire...but that's another subject for another time.

4. I prefer something of the hi-top about them. Again for the chunkiness, and also to distinguish from some kind of thigh toning exercise aid.

5. This is perhaps hardest to explain but very important. At the back, I like them to be shaped in a straight line. No shaping round the foot form. Otherwise they can look like they're trying to be too elegant. And c'mon, it's TRAINERS.
6. NO BUCKLES. Laces or velcro, whatever you fancy. But not buckles. Buckles are for proper shoes for proper people.

With these rules, I think you can team the trainer with numerous styles of outfit! Pretty antithetic dresses like above, simple skinny jeans and tee, perhaps even a tailored jogger if there is such a thing.
Now for your viewing pleasure, feast your peepers on my cream of the crop.
Ok, that sounded like some kind of innuendo.
Ahem, please look at these shoes what I think are the nicest ones. I think you'll see what I mean by "a straight back".

1.Deena & Ozzy Banks Concealed Wedge £48  AKA the ones on mine own feet.

2.River Island Wedges £40 Various Colours, Brown is my pick.

3.ASOS DENY Wedge High Top £38 Various Colours Similar to Urban Outfitters but a tenner cheaper!

4.XTI Sneaker Wedge at Office £75 Nice option for a neutral colour

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